AC Press covers voter fraud – gets it wrong

Marcus Wilson, paid by Van Drew, signs up a14 yr old to voteOn the one hand, I am delighted to see that the local press is finally picking up on the story we broke last week. On the other hand, one would wish that they would dig a little deeper, like possibly call the Cumberland County Clerk?

And his (DeWeese) campaign staff questioned the validity of at least 19 of the 1,062 vote-by-mail applications Wilson submitted to the Cumberland County Clerk on behalf of voters in Millville neighborhoods.

“The question is whether some of the people who submitted vote-by-mail ballots have actually signed the vote-by-mail application, and whether the individuals are legally qualified to vote,” he said. “Seeing that volume of ballots raised a red flag. We’re investigating the legality of those applications now.”

Van Drew said Republicans are sponsoring their own get-out-the-vote effort that is no different from his. And he took issue with the Republicans’ efforts to compare his campaign with the dirty politics of Atlantic City.

If the Press had contacted the Cumberland County Clerk, they would have discovered that the rejected applications now number over 100. That is 10% of all applications with Marcus Wilson’s name attached were rejected. Sorry Jeff Van Drew, but THAT is cause for a red flag.

Marcus Wilson was interviewed, and made the following ludicrous claim:

Wilson said he would never knowingly sign up a voter who was not of voting age. And he said the 1st Legislative District could learn a thing or two from Atlantic City about reaching out to potential voters.

The ballot application to the left is one of over 100 that were rejected for various reasons, such as the person was not even a Cumberland County resident, they were unregistered, they were convicted felons and ineligible to vote according to NJ law. This one is for a 14 year old child. Marcus Wilson signed the application, and placed his stamp on it. That proves that he lied when he said he would never knowlingly sign up a voter who was of age.

Marcus Wilson comes to these voter drive events armed with a list of registered voters, that he can, and has used to verify that the applicants are indeed registered. Yet he has chosen to ignore this list, and instead sign up people from Newark and Cape may County to get them placed on the rolls here.




14 Responses to AC Press covers voter fraud – gets it wrong

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Anyone remember this on MW from April 9th 2011?

    (Rumor – Team Jeff Van Drew steals votes
    April 9, 2011)

    I was sent this anonymous message this evening. As of yet, it is unconfirmed. Can any of our Democrat friends out there comment?

    You might be interested to know that at today’s Democratic Committee meeting a member who stood to run against Lou’s political boss Jeff van Drew had his entire nominating petition stolen by one of van Drew’s supporters. And one member was seen tearing another nominating petition (although no one knows whose) in half after most of the crowd had gone. Destroying signed petitions two days before the deadline? When no offices are even open to get replacements? Is this how Lou and Jeff keep their candidates nominated over and over?

    Who or WHOM could it be that took the Nominating Petition ?
    The Local & National REPORTERS should be ASKING Jeff V.D. this QUESTION!!!!

  2. Wildwitch says:

    I’d be a little upset if I were Ms. Dennis, here you are posting her child’s information on this website. Wouldn’t that be illegal? Maybe someone should give this child’s parents a call.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    U have a Phone Number for her ?

    The Voter Form is PUBLIC RECORD for ur INFORMATION!!!

    This person name on the Absentee Voter Form just turned 14 yrs old, 9 days before it was filled out according to the Form that was SUBMITTED by Marcus R. Wilson Sr.

    Why did Marcus submit/ process this ?

    Maybe Marcus should EXPLAIN why he took the paperwork of an underage voter to the Clerks Office ?

  4. Wildwitch says:

    Absentee voter form is public record….this form was rejected because it’s a minor….think I might have to make a phone call…

  5. Wildwitch says:

    Oh by the way if this particular form was public why didn’t the press publish it?

  6. Guess-Who says:

    Ask the Reporter who did the Story 🙂

  7. WuLi says:

    Maybe YOU should ask the press why they didn’t publish it? These forms are all public info – why is it that some person that “thinks he is an investigative journalist” publishes it, and the mainstream press doesn’t? Maybe they don’t want to be embarrassed after endorsing candidates that paid for ballot fraud? 100 and counting, and ALL you have to do is call the county clerk’s office, and they will confirm the information on this site.

  8. Wildwitch says:

    Maybe the county clerk should be looked into for giving you this information…Real journalists have to cross their “T” & dot their I’s….did you get this illegally? Hmm makes you wonder…the Press wouldn’t publish it because it’s illegal…this is a minor…could this be another lawsuit????

  9. WuLi says:

    It is PUBLIC INFORMATION you nitwit. But, being someone that advocates voter fraud, I would not expect you to exhibit a wit of common sense. Notice that the signatures are blacked out – do you know why? Because THAT is the only information that we cannot publish! The rest is PUBLIC RECORD – and the REASON it is public record is so that people that really DO CARE about fair elections are able to expose FRAUD! But I am sure you are upset because you WANT fraud. How much are the D’s PAYING YOU?

  10. Wildwitch says:

    No it’s not PUBLIC INFORMATION if it’s a minor!! Not only that but it’s common sense, which you don’t have. Maybe we should be asking how much are the R’s paying you?

  11. WuLi says:

    I haven’t received a DIME! One day maybe I will figure out a way to make money doing this.

    It IS public information – otherwise, I would not have it. And IF you cared about HONEST elections, YOU would be more concerned with Marcus Wilson taking information from a child ILLEGALLY! But, your anger is misdirected. I have to assume that you are in favor of election fraud – everyone else is OUTRAGED that Jeff Van Drew, and the Cumb Co D’s would pay thousands of dollars to a person that apparently has several identities, for the sole purpose of enrolling people that are not eligible to vote. 100 proven fraudulent applications out of 1,000 is an extremely poor record. But instead of being concerned that an election might be stolen, you sit up concerned that we are exposing it.

    Anyway, Miles, how much are you getting paid this year?

  12. Wildwitch says:

    Oh 100’s of fraudulent applications and they lied to the Press and told you the truth. I would be upset if there really was fraud. Get off your high horse and go try and sell one of your paintings…wait your not good at that either. Poor Carl did you get picked on a lot on the playground. Standing behind this blog, why don’t you run for office or are you SCARED!!!!

  13. mango says:

    OK, it’s almost Halloween. It seems that at this opportune time the spirits of Knotu and Tryagain have come back to haunt us in the form of Wildwitch. Rising from the grave after two years, are these spirits channeling Miles Jackson? I think not, as Miles was smarter. But he was just as easily reduced to ad hominem attacks, where it seems Wildwitch has ventured. Unable to respond with substance, the Knotus, Tryagains, and Wildwitches end up with Carl bashing, and Wildwitch is not even good at it.

  14. Wildwitch says:

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    They had style, they had grace
    Rita Hayworth gave good face
    Carl, Alex, Mango, Guess Who
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    Republican’s with an attitude
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