What is Blackberry Consulting? (Satire)

I was going through some April ELEC filings for the Cumberland County Democratic Organization and found an entry for “Nat Anderson – Blackberry Consulting” from Willingboro, NJ. The amount was around $5,000 – so I wondered what is Blackberry Consulting?

It’s not the name of a company, at least as far as I can tell. There is a Nat Anderson that is a council member in Willingboro, not sure of they are the same.

Then it dawned on me! Blackberry – DUH!

What NOT to Do with your Blackberry!With a major election around the corner, and four seats open for the taking, the CCDO is taking no chances! They are bringing in the big guns to teach their candidates What Not To Do with a Blackberry!

It all seems to obvious now!

Okay – before I get the nasty comments telling me what Blackberry Consulting is – I  know what it is! I just figured it was time for a little levity, as this site has been in ultra-serious mode what with the attempted ballot fraud. I am sure Marcus Wilson will appreciate me taking the heat off of him for a few posts. But don’t worry – I dug up some interesting stuff recently, and would certainly hope that there are not people walking around, running major initiatives for the local Dems that use two or more social security numbers.


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