fraud [frawd]
1. deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
2. a particular instance of such deceit or trickery: mail fraud; election frauds.

Marcus Wilson signs for and verifies a resident of Woodbine, Cape May County, ineligible to vote in Cumberland County. He willingly signed the ballot application attesting to the fact the he, personally, assisted the person in completing the ballot.

Knowing that a person that resides in another county cannot legally vote in Cumberland County, Wilson still submitted a ballot application. The ONLY purpose of submitting bogus  ballot applications is to attempt to defraud the system.

There are too many of these sorts of ballots that bear his signature for anyone of intelligence to come to any conclusion other than he was hoping some of the fraudulent ballot applications would slip through.

Of course, the big story in all of this is why, in a SkipTrace search, he comes up with two different social security numbers himself, and why other people are listed as using his?

55 Responses to Frawd

  1. Wildwitch says:

    Where’s the fraud? You can put whatever spin you want on it but there was nothing fraudulent done here. Oh & now big Carl put the definition of fraud on here….and why is it a big story about Wilson? Forget it Carl your 15 mins. of fame are done. Plus you really look horrible on television.

  2. Wildwitch says:

    Why don’t you list the website or source on how you are receiving these applications.

  3. I Know says:


  4. Guess-Who says:

    O.P.R.A. request is How the Public can attain Public Records 🙂

    U do know what O.P.R.A. is don’t U ?
    Open Public Records Act = O.P.R.A. which gives the Public assess to Documents, Forms, Emails, Phone Records Ect, Ect.

    Let’s do some simple MATH on the 1,000 Absentee Ballots that have been turned in to the Cumberland County Clerk in which 100+ have been REJECTED.

    If one person (Marcus R Wilson Sr) spent just 4 min. per Application, it would’ve taken 66.6 Hours to Achieve 1,000 Absentee Ballot Applicants.
    5 Min Each would = 83.3 Hours.
    This doesn’t include the time to BS with the Applicant.

    Is it the Assisitor RESPONSIBILITY to VERIFY the Applicants ID & Address before they SUBMIT it to the Clerks Office ?

  5. WuLi says:

    “Is it the Assisitor RESPONSIBILITY to VERIFY the Applicants ID & Address before they SUBMIT it to the Clerks Office ?”

    No, but when the candidate is a CHILD, the assistor IF they had actually had contact with EACH applicant, would have not wasted either of their time. The ASSISTOR, when signing, is ascertaining that they HAD ASSISTED, meaning they WOULD have seen that the candidate was NOT a resident. AND, the Assistor, HAVING a LIST of ALL REGISTERED VOTERS, would have seen that the unregistered voters were not eligible to vote.

    The original applications have initials on the corners of many of them – these initials are of the actual Assistor, more than likely – so that they can get paid for each ballot submitted.

    It is a legal gray area whether or not Marcus, having a so-called business (I haven’t found any record of it being registered as such) is allowed to sign as Assistor, when another person actually assisted.

  6. Wildwitch says:

    Guess Who you are spool funny!!! There’s no way he got them through OPRA. Just look at the stamp on the last application, there’s no way he got it through OPRA. Someone in the county clerks office is giving them to Carl. Seems like Carl is doing some illegal things.

    Guess what boys there’s no fraud here.

  7. WuLi says:

    WW – you have just committed libel

       [lahy-buhl] noun, verb, -beled, -bel·ing or (especially British) -belled, -bel·ling.
    a.defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
    b.the act or crime of publishing it.
    c.a formal written declaration or statement, as one containing the allegations of a plaintiff or the grounds of a charge.
    2.anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.

    You are free to make assumptions,, but you made a blatantly false statement. This is your only warning to cease and desist from statements that are patently false. Feel free to continue your inane babbling, it makes the site amusing, and proves to our readers and fans that the CCDO is desperate and will stoop to any depths to win this election.

    By the way, HOW MANY Social Security Numbers to YOU have?

  8. I Know says:

    Well Witch, if you know who to call just do it already! Turn him in! What do you have to lose? You would be a hero! Carl Johnson would be infamous for outing fraudulent voter applications!

    By the way you never answered my question. Do you approve of voter fraud?


    Not I’m Not Wayne

  9. Terri says:

    They really need to wake up and have common sense. It’s a no brainer that these politicians and this political machine are putting these bozo’s up to their dirty work. I hope this fool talks and tells them the truth about whose behind this. Madden won because some church provided fraudulent absent t ballots and then he recently visited that church again so they can continue with their dirty ballot voting. They are so dumb because there is no accountibility. Norcross keeps getting away with it. He wouldn’t if this were in another state besides NJ.

  10. 2cents says:

    Seems that Wildwitch is jumping to the strings of a puppet master. Wonder who it is? Amazing how this person sees no problems with fraud and obviously biased vote gathering. I haven’t seen this Marcus group moving around at the senior centers or any neighborhoods that don’t fit his focus group. How is it that the local Democrats, who are paying for this under the guise of trying to enable all voters, turn a blind eye to these activities?
    Are the Democrats so afraid that they must resort to this type of subterfuge to undermine the will of the legitimate voters? I think reality is coming home to roost because the voters are seeking their pound of flesh for the damage done by Magazzu and his minions and this has the local Democrats running scared.
    Wildwitch don’t compound the unethical, if not illegal, activities of your superiors by insinuating that a person uncovering the truth and exercising their free speech is somehow a law breaker. Funny how your ilk always jump on their soap boxes to declare their right to free speech, but when someone doesn’t speak in lock-step with you they must be intimidated, threatened, and shouted down. Sorry, but trying to kill the messenger still does not kill the message.

  11. Wildwitch says:

    Ooooo I’m a little puppet…what’s wrong someone can’t disagree with what Johnson puts on here. Waaaa waaaa you all are nothing but a bunch of cry babies. Are you upset because the Dem’s are smarter than the R’s?

  12. Mr Magoo says:

    Is that you Lou?

  13. 2cents says:

    Sure sounds like his whining but I don’t think so because most of the words are spelled correctly. Must be one of his minions.

  14. Wildwitch says:

    ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night
    And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about strike
    You know it’s thriller, thriller night
    You’re fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight

    You hear the door slam and realize there’s nowhere left to run

    Happy Halloween guys….hahaha!

  15. Guess-Who says:

    Enjoy the Music,

  16. Wildwitch says:

    Guess who I really won’t tell people you pick up prostitutes, you might get caught in one of those stings.

  17. Guess-Who says:

    U better RETRACT ur last comment towards me or expect to hear from a Lawyer.
    I’m NOT bull_ _ _ _ing with U or _ _ _ _ing around on this Issue.

    I will NOT tolerate Slander from anyone,U understand!!!

  18. WuLi says:

    WW – I WILL Cooperate with the authorities if you continue to make slanderous comments. You have overstepped the bounds of decency – you made a statement of fact that one of our forum members commits criminal acts. I WILL provide local law enforcement with your IP addresses (yes, you post from multiple computers).

  19. Wildwitch says:

    Oh wait it’s okay for you to make slanderous remarks about people on this site…what’s wrong, you’ve said things about Magazzu, Matlock, Riley- Dawson, Van Drew, Whelan, Rileys, Malesteins. What you don’t like people making judgement about you without even knowing them. Pulling private information…you boys want to dish it out about people but can’t take it. It’s an open blog.

  20. Wildwitch says:

    You have tried to defame so many people on this site, not just Public Officials…you have made such slanderous statements about many people. Why did Guess Who post the song? Was he referring that maybe I was a prostitute? That’s what I got from it.

  21. Guess-Who says:

    Some might find this Video Interesting:

  22. WuLi says:

    WW – you need to wise up. EVERYTHING that I post on this site is backed up with facts, or with information believed to be factual. If I have ever made legally libelous remarks, you KNOW FOR A FACT that the powers that be would have shut me down.

    As long as what I say is backed up with a source believed to be accurate, and the constitution is CLEAR on this point, my speech is protected.

    You posted, as a statement of fact, that Guess Who solicits prostitutes. That IS NOT protected speech, unless you have factual information to back up that statement.

    That is the difference between you and I – you ramble on with baseless arguments.

  23. Wildwitch says:

    Oh you didn’t make slanderous remarks about Marcus Wilson snooping around and accusing him of doing fraudulent and illegal things…having two SS #’s.

    I am making the site interesting and fun by mocking and making fun of this stupid website.

  24. WuLi says:

    First of all – you must be one of the most stupid people on earth – one cannot make a slanderous statement on a website – slander must be spoken. Even after having the difference pointed out to you, you can’t figure it out.

    Second, libel MUST be false – he signed his name to documents, copies of which I posted here, for people fraudulently filing to vote.

    Second, I have PROOF via a website called SkipTrace, used by law enforcement and the legal profession showing a marcus Wilson with TWO SSN’s – so again, as it is NOT a false statement, it cannot be LIBEL.
    I know you must have been born with a brain, do you ever use it?

  25. Wildwitch says:

    First of all I don’t even know who Guess who is so where’s the malice? Does anyone else know who it is, so how could it be destroying his/her character or reputation?

  26. Wildwitch says:

    So you received the skip trace by whom and why would they be running his name?

    So I can’t make a slanderous statement on a website is that what your saying?

  27. Wildwitch says:

    I’m new to the site I’ve never seen his name signed to anything…

  28. Wildwitch says:

    How are they fraudulent filing a registration? They could of gotten mixed up in the pack that was being brought to Cumberland County, you don’t know that do you? But you accused him of doing something fraudulent.

  29. WuLi says:

    WW – MANY people know who Guess Who is, he doesn’t hide his identity like you do. The Malice comes from your bitter hatred of anyone that speaks the truth about the corrupt administration in this county.

    As media, and protected by the first amendment that you hate so much when anyone other than yourself uses it, I have sources that are protected. I also have sources that are anonymous even to me, dropping off packages – I have hundreds of documents, most of which I have never released on this site because they are too sensitive. Personnel records and information about law enforcement officers reprimanded for sexually inappropriate behavior, for instance. It seems a lot of people that were brought into the county under the Magazzu administration have difficulty keeping it in their pants, if you know what I mean!

    So no, I will certainly NOT entertain a troll such as yourself and divulge sources to whom I promised total discretion.

  30. WuLi says:

    ONE HUNDRED out of 1 thousand application were immediately rejected.

    HE SIGNED and VERIFIED for people that are not even REGISTERED TO VOTE, including, as you agree, a fourteen year old child! He had a LIST of registered voters, and KNEW these names were not on that list.

    And we are not even talking about the people that filled out TWO and THREE applications each, that he signed for!

    Let alone the two FORGED signatures!

    Yeah, you’re right, it was just an honest mistake on his part!

  31. Wildwitch says:

    You just made a slanderous statement about me you said I was one of the stupidest people on earth & I had no brain. You tried to ruin my reputation and character plus you do know who I am I put my name to the site.

  32. Wildwitch says:

    How do you know they were forged?

  33. WuLi says:

    I said “you must be… “, not that you were – it is a statement of opinion. It is the nuances of the alw and common sense that seem to elude you.

    And, I have stated many times how I know the signatures were forged, I don’t have to answer or cater to your dimwit questions. It would be a waste of time anyway – you are hell-bent on ignoring the evidence and plain truth.

    Too bad you and your exalted D’s that control this county are in short supply of ethics, integrity and honesty. And purposely so – maliciously so – you are willing to steal an election rather than allow the voters of Cumberland County to vote.

    Do you know what is really sad? Several of the rejected ballot applications were dated back to August and September, and the applicants were not registered to vote. Marcus Wilson included them with the stack he dropped off to the clerk the DAY AFTER the LEGAL deadline for registering to vote. His recklessness and carelessness actually DISENFRANCHISED the very same voters he was claiming to help.

    YES, that’s right, if those applications had been delivered in a TIMELY basis, these people would have been registered. But he screwed them out of their right to vote. That is what is truly sad!

  34. Wildwitch says:

    I’m not hell bent on anything….this website is nothing but to bash Dem’s like I have said from the start. How come Wilson hasn’t been arrested by now? The county clerk and you have all this information that’s alleging he did something fraudulent?

  35. Wildwitch says:

    But wait you didn’t answer my question is it slander only if it’s spoken not if it’s put on a website?

  36. WuLi says:

    First of all, fraudulent in this state does not necessarily equal criminal.

    Or perhaps – Sheriff=Dem, Prosecutor (who was promised a judgeship by the D’s)=Dem, everyone in this county with authority=Dem… just sayin’…

    What I want to know is why do you support voter fraud?

    If I want to buy a pack of cigarettes, I must show a valid ID. If I want to buy a beer, I must show a valid ID. If I want to fly on an airplane and visit my mom in another state, I must show a valid ID. But if anybody wants to vote and have a say in the most important matter of electing those people who will make the decisions that affects the lives of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions, all one needs to do is sign a piece of paper, with NO PROOF whatsoever that they are who they say they are. People are not even allowed to asked to show their voter ID card at the polls, all they have to do is say they are somebody, and if their signature is even remotely close to the one in the book, they must be allowed to vote.

    And with an absentee ballot, the restrictions are even more loose. No person that believe in integrity could in any way support such a system rife for fraud. We had election fraud in Fairfield Twp this year – and STILL the Democrats want to make it EASIER to commit election fraud rather than make a serious effort to put a stop to it.

    So answer me this, WW – WHY DO YOU SUPPORT ELECTION FRAUD? This will be the last time I answer any of your posts, unless you explain to our readers intelligently, why you support fraud.

  37. Wildwitch says:

    Plus you as the publisher of the website you are allowing so called slanderous remarks to be published. I haven’t seen you taking anything down.

    Okay how about: I assumed from the music Guess Who posted that he could possible like doing bad things.

    And I assumed that since you received the ballots so quickly that you received them without going through the proper channels.

    Is that better….

  38. Guess-Who says:

    You made this statement in your last comment,
    “you do know who I am I put my name to the site.”

    Where have U put ur name to/in this website?

  39. Guess-Who says:

    Defaming my Character with your comment above is not going to be tolerated by me, then to backpedal like you did with I’m new to the site, this is nothing but an EXCUSE that will NOT work.

    I ask you point blank to retract your egregious comment, yet you want to use EXCUSES for the words that you typed.

    In my Opinion it is called Character Assassination that you have committed against me with your ill advised comment.

  40. Wildwitch says:

    Sorry Guess Who I have no idea who you are if I did I would have used your real name while addressing you. Please no one tried to defame your character, what your fake character that you use here on the website.

    You all tried to defame Marcus Wilson? You said he committed fraud. Isn’t that slander?

  41. Wildwitch says:

    But wait wasn’t it slander when you posted the photos of Magazzu knowing it was a character assaination? I can understand Wiener because he twittered his own photos but Magazzu’s were posted knowing what it would do to his character & reputation. Saying Matlock goes to Cowtown on Tuesday’s did you see him & take photos, otherwise it’s just hear say isn’t it? Are you really posting actual facts? You just don’t like it when people go after you.

  42. Wildwitch says:

    Plus this so called Skiptrace that was Marcus Wilson, you say it’s used by law enforcement and professionals, how is it that you obtained these records showing his SS#? Why would they give you such sensitive information on someone?
    Do you have this software?

  43. Wildwitch says:

    The main trace that is usually done is a ‘social security trace’ since most people will continue to use their credit cards and social security numbers even if they change their names and are in hiding. However in the last few years restrictions have been put in place to prevent this sort of search being done unless it is for a ‘permissible purpose’.

    Permissible purposes are considered to be business transactions, employment, insurance, or litigation. To perform this kind of search you are also required to have an account with a major credit bureau and these institutions will only open accounts for businesses that need access to this kind of information, such as private investigators or other similar information gatherers.

  44. Not Wayne says:

    I LOVE this! Throw a bomb at a target audience, or several for that matter and basically sh*t you pants when called on it. Too funny! I’ve never scene so much tap dancing and back peddaling in all my life! I would love to see Guess Who go after the slanderous comments and keep us all informed. WW get a grip!



    Not Wayne!

  45. Wildwitch says:

    Oh so you think it’s okay to run a skiptrace on you to get your SS#?

    There’s no online site that gives out SS#, so how did he obtain it? Plus why would this site even need it?

    Good try Not Wayne.

  46. Wildwitch says:

    So not Wayne who is Guess Who?

  47. Guess-Who says:

    Not Wayne:
    I plan on talking with Lawyer[s] & a few Prosecutor Friends about this Issue 🙂

    I told Magazzuwatch user Wildwitch that the Egregious Comment directed towards me needed to be retracted, Nothing but EXCUSES since have made their way onto the website today from wildwitch.

    Might even ask if a Pro-Bono will be that hard to find someone to take on a Case 🙂
    (Pro-Bono = for the Public Good)

  48. Wildwitch says:

    Go ahead guess who you think it scares me…let’s think now
    Judge-guess who is that your legal name
    Guess Who- no
    Judge-well this so called slander/libel is towards guess who….
    Hmmm tell me how that works.
    How do you know I don’t know who I work for do you…maybe you should ask yourselves that question.

  49. Guess-Who says:

    I just write on here under the name Guess-Who, Plenty in the Public Domain know my real name & the name I use on Magazzuwatch as Guess-Who.

    “How do you know I don’t know who I work for do you…maybe you should ask yourselves that question.”
    wildwitch, maybe U should ask urself that question & answer it also:)

  50. Guess-Who says:

    Time for a Tune:

  51. Wildwitch says:

    Still where is it? Where’s the slander against you? Who are you guess who if so many people know you.

  52. Wildwitch says:

    Still waiting to hear how Wuli was able to get Wilson’s SS#. How was he able to obtain the software to run a skip trace to get someone’s SS#?

  53. Guess-Who says:

    Who wants to hear a few more tunes , how about 2 for Tuesday:

  54. Guess-Who says:

    Have U heard this 1:

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