More Voter Fraud – Cumberland County absentee ballot app for a Newark resident

Marcus Wilson illegally attempts to get a ballot to a Newark resident

What’s wrong with this picture? Jeff van Drew, Bill Whelan, Tony Surace and Reverend Dunkins pay thousands of dollars to a shady operative to get out the vote. Even after being confronted with the evidence, they claim there is no wrong-doing.

And yet, here is but ANOTHER example of malfeasance – a ballot application for a Newark, NJ resident. He clearly marks his address as being Newark, and yet Marcus Wilson signs off on this application, and submits it, knowing full well that this person is in NO WAT eligible to vote in a Cumberland County election!


31 Responses to More Voter Fraud – Cumberland County absentee ballot app for a Newark resident

  1. Wildwitch says:

    Oh my goodness, what to do!?!

  2. What do you think now wildwitch? Or should I say true or false?

  3. Wildwitch says:

    Plus Mr Johnson this is a private citizen, doesn’t matter if it’s public or not. What gives you the right to publish it on this blog? It’s not a politician or a celebrity. Looks like another person that should be contacted.

  4. I Know says:

    Wild whatever the hell you are, do you approve of voter fraud? Simple answer please. Yes or no? If you think something is wrong with this website publishing information, don’t threaten to call someone, just do it! If you have legal standing, make your actions happen.

    Your threats are shallow. If you really care about these issues of personal information being fraudulently exposed, start your own crusade to right the wrong.

  5. WuLi says:

    This is a political news information website – the “private citizen” submitted a document that is PUBLIC INFORMATION – and attempted to violate election laws.The newspaper is filled EVERYDAY with articles about people that are not celebrities or politicians – you have an extremely SKEWED idea of right and wrong.

    I have EVERY right to expose people that attempt to subvert an election. You apparently have NO PROBLEM with a person from Newark voting in Cumberland County in violation of the state constitution and EVERY election law.

    Sorry Cindy, you are barking up the wrong tree.

  6. Wildwitch says:

    What makes it fraud? What just because it wasn’t double checked before handed in, if you would have read the article it happens all the time.

    What political news website??!!?? You even say the website started because of Magazzu turning you in for not paying child support. Magazzu is gone but did you pay your back child support?

    Dear Wayne go back to your home school you need more lessons.

  7. john q public says:

    What’s fraud is that this person was paid for his services. I think it would be different if it were just some person off the street volunteering their time for a good cause. This represents services rendered for money. This person claims to be a professional and offers himself as a paid employee. Maybe it’s breach of contract?

  8. john q public says:

    Is it me or does the handwriting on these ballots look like the same person was filling them out?

  9. I Know says:

    Wild or Cindy or whoever you claim to be, you didn’t answer my question. Do you support voter fraud? My follow up question is: if it is exposed, do you agree with that?

    If you insist on calling me Wayne, I may insist on calling you what ever name I feel is appropriate as well. I’m not Wayne Rizzo. I am I Know.

    If you dodge the two simple questions, you’re nothing but a troll and bring nothing to the table.

  10. Wildwitch says:

    I would agree but where is the fraud??? Come on, call it what you want but there wasn’t any fraud here. Maybe the Republicans are doing the exact same thing, but Mr Johnson only publishes stuff about Democrats. Political news website, this website is just about bashing Dems.

  11. WuLi says:

    The fraud is where you have a person FORGING signatures on the applications – we uncovered TWO instances of that in the first 20 ballots where we contacted the people. The FRAUD is trying to get absentee ballots to people that are NOT ELIGIBLE TO VOTE – and those ballot applications ARE POSTED on this site.

    It is funny – as soon as I post the possibility that Marcus Wilson might be operating under an assumed name or using two different SSN’s, we ALL OF A SUDDEN get this distraction. Why don’t they want us investigating the possibility of identity theft, either OF or BY Mr. Wilson? Folks – Witch is doing one thing, attempting to misdirect! It’s an old magician’s trick, but an even older political trick – get people’s attention diverted away from the issue you don’t want them looking at.

    Now I am more convinced than ever that there is more than just voter fraud going on here, and more convinced than ever that our politicians know more about it than they let on.

    Oh, and show me ONE incident that Republicans in this county are attempting whole-scale voter fraud, and this website will be the FIRST to publish it!

  12. Wildwitch says:

    Wait are you now saying you contacted the people on the forms? Noone forged any signatures. Come on Mr Johnson, no ones trying to distract anyone. What’s wrong you can’t take it… I am your worst nightmare… Some with common sense, who can see that all you are is that little boy that got picked on. That no one liked. All of you, Mango, Alex, Guess Who, Wayne…are so big, posted on the blog.. What don’t you like someone finally calling you out!!! Go sell another painting you have child support to pay!

    Let’s put everything about you out there!!!

  13. Guess-Who says:

    I am LMFAO, U must be Marcus 🙂

    This part of ur comment “I am your worst nightmare” is some Funny Stuff.
    U don’t really BELIEVE this Non-Sense do U ?

    Like I said to U yesterday, No one puts FEAR in ME.
    “The only thing to Fear is Fear Itself”.

    Jeff V.D. is FINISHED as a State Senator Nov, 8 2011
    Lame Duck is the Term that will follow his Name after the Election 🙂

    If U are referring to me as Big, Powerful works well when one is Describing Me 🙂 🙂

    Make sure u tell the Boss, I don’t _ _ _ _ around with peons.

  14. WuLi says:

    The attorney General will have the last say, WW.

  15. john q public says:

    WW, you ask the question of where’s the fraud when the fraud is openly displayed in black and white on this web site. The attempt to pass off he vote of a juvenile is fraud. The attempt to pass off votes of people not in the county is fraud. Hello? anybody home? Try to keep up with the conversation shall we? I like a person who questions what they see and hear but you’re asking for a bit too much from reality.

  16. Wildwitch says:

    LMFAO!!!! You guys all think your so tough!!! Johnson & all his followers, everyone thinks he uncovers all the bad Dems in the county. A big shot since he was on television. Guess what the photos of Magazzu were posted on here for weeks before the news ran them. They only ran the story because a politician went after a citizen with an attorney, otherwise nothing would have ever happened. But you all are so bright on here an know politics & government so well.

    I won’t wish for the AG, Carl, your post things on here about private citizens. Be careful what you wish for!

  17. Guess-Who says:

    I don’t want to burst your Bubble, I don’t FOLLOW anyone 🙂

    U have know Idea what u are talking about if U believe I don’t understand Politics & Gov’t.

    I never said Tough, POWERFUL is more Accurate 🙂

    Just so U know like everyone else, I am an INDEPENDENT not a D nor an R 🙂

    Stereotyping me is NOT going to make a difference in my Opinion on Issues.

    I think for myself and don’t follow others.

    Thanks for the good laugh tonight, Clueless!!!!

  18. Wildwitch says:

    John q it’s not fraud if you read the article it says it happens all the time. The only thing illegal here is posting a minor’s information.

  19. Wildwitch says:

    Guess who if you were an Independent you be pissed off with both sides, I see you only bashing Dems.

  20. Guess-Who says:

    ASSUMPTION is a Proposition that is taken for granted, as if it were true based upon Presupposition without Preponderance of the FACTS.

    For U to ASSUME that I am not an INDEPENDENT only leads me to believe that U are a Know-It-All & hearing the TRUTH will fall on Deaf Ears.

  21. TheRev says:

    Just because it happens all the time does not make it wide spread fraud.
    Same as people taking selling food stamp cards for drugs or people standing in line TWICE for food vouchers after the hurricane. IT IS FRAUD AND A CRIME.

    The checks and balances are not there to combat the fraud.
    Illegals and felons are voting all the time in elections and it is not fair, according to the law.

    Why is it so difficult to get a drivers license in NJ because of ID theft (6 point system) but a simple signature is enough to get your voice heard for an election?

  22. Wildwitch says:

    Aww now we have a new player, sorry Rev “No Fraud”!!!!

  23. I Know says:

    and the same old Lou Magazzu in disguise. Does this count as cross dressing since you’re a witch?

    Love Wayne! (Not)

  24. Wildwitch says:

    Magazzu Watch is a non-partisan political watchdog group focused on tracking and reporting the abuses of power practiced by the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  This board seems to have forgotten that they were elected to serve the people, and not to profit their own power base.

    Our mission is to report on his every word and deed. We will let you, the public, decide.

    How is this blog non-partisan? Magazzu is gone and there’s not a single thing on here about Republicans.

  25. Guess-Who says:

    In the beginning this was the purpose of MW to Report what Lou Mags was doing & Not doing.

    Then it EVOLVED into a Platform for INFORMATION to be Shared by Individuals that were L{.}{.}King for the TRUTH.

    The News that comes from Reporters is almost SCRIPTED for them from Officials.

    Some of us that use this site have done more to get the TRUTH out to the Public than Journalist that have a Degree in Journalism.

    I for one don’t care what the about tap above says about the purpose for this website.

    Information is Shared here & Used by Journalist that don’t want to do the LEG WORK themselves 🙂

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  26. Wildwitch says:

    First of all it’s a blog about bashing Dem’s. I don’t see you saying anything about Republicans, are you telling me that they do nothing wrong. This site is a joke, it’s nothing but a gossip blog….

  27. WuLi says:

    First of all, the D’s CONTROL Cumberland County AND DISTRICT 1 and have done so for decades. The R’s, if they had TOTAL control of local politics that long, would most certainly be on my radar had they committed the same level of corruption.Paul Porreca, a local R, is a FREQUENT target of my acerbic wit – I have questioned actions by Dave Vanaman – all of this is well known. This site – focused on COUNY government, of course will deal with D’s because THEY ARE IN ABSOLUTE POWER! Everyone and ANYONE that ever tangled with Lou’s regime in the past has been targeted, destroyed, fired, families ruined. And the administration carries those tactics on today.

  28. Wildwitch says:

    Please Carl who are you trying to kid! It wouldn’t matter who ran the county you would still bash the Dem’s. This website was made because you were pissed off at Magazzu. You only say stuff about Porreca because you dislike him. If you don’t like the way the things are done in the county then run for office. Stop being the little puppet for the R’s because that’s all you are. If they thought you were so smart & could do some good things for the county why didn’t they ask you to run, because they think your a joke also!

  29. WuLi says:

    Actually WW – (and at least I HAVE THE BALLS to sign my name) I have been asked to run many times. I have no interest in running, there are many people more qualified and more personable than I am. The only puppet on this forum is you, too chickenshit to even sign your real name, but ready and willing to use your anonymity to cast stones. The only valid reason for anonymity is that those in power now will crush anyone that speaks up. I know three county employees that have had death threats merely for speaking out. When those in power are too afraid to use their real names, they display the worst form of cowardice.

  30. Cindy says:

    No one ever asked you to run. You have no interest that’s bull! Your just waiting for someone to ask you. I don’t ever recall your name being mentioned at all with the R’s & I’m sure the Dem’s wouldn’t want you either.
    Oh people have death threats now for speaking up. Please this is Cumberland County people don’t have that much power and if they did have death threats all they need to do is report it to the police.
    Oh so then all the people on here are cowards?
    It’s nice to know you have balls for a minute their I thought you were a real ugly woman.

  31. Akkuschrauber Makita…

    […]More Voter Fraud – Cumberland County absentee ballot app for a Newark resident « MWatch[…]…

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