Sam Fiocchi supports sending criminals back from whence they came. Whelan, Surace and Dunkins try to illegally get them absentee ballots, so I doubt that they would be in favor of sending the criminal element back to the counties of residence when they were arrested and sentenced. This is common-sense legislation, and something that our local D’s are dead-set against. Why?

Cumberland County’s safety has been plagued for too long by released criminals from the local based prison staying in our area rather than returning back to their hometown. Southern New Jersey towns should not be further and unfairly burdened by these individuals and their problems with recidivism.

As a life-long resident of Vineland, I was outraged by this problem after the death of a family friend and longtime business man Al Costantino who was run down in the street by a career criminal from Essex County recently released from one of our local prisons. My friend was going to work as he had every day of his working life when he was struck and killed by that released criminal with 21 convictions who was driving a stolen vehicle and engaged in a high speed chase away from the police.

This tragedy moved me to begin working with Assm. Dominick DiCicco on a bill that would send released prisoners back to their home county rather than releasing them to live among us.

This career criminal and many others like him should not be living here and causing mayhem on our streets. This return bill needs to become law so we don’t have to deal with an unfair bulk of the worst offender our state has to offer.

I support enacting this legislation to send these criminals back to their hometowns and, if I am elected to the New Jersey Assembly on November 8th, I will join with other South Jersey Republicans to sponsor this bill in the next session of the Legislature. Along with my Republican Senate and Assembly running mates Dave DeWeese and Suzanne Walters, I believe this bill will help protect our region’s residents from this growing threat. I ask for your vote to allow us to help make South Jersey a safer place for honest, hard-working families.

Sam Fiocchi


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  1. Wildwitch says:

    Hey Everybody they already are sent back, but here’s the catcher say that person that is just released from CC & is sent back to say Camden county…the inmate a few weeks later moves back to CC hmmmm. So are they going to have boarder control at the county lines? I can’t tell you were to live just as you can’t tell me where to live….so exactly what is this bill going to say????

  2. WuLi says:

    WW – once again you are wrong. Currently, they are released and dropped off at the bus depot in Vineland with a list of local social services they can apply for. They are free to stay here, and enroll into our probation system, at our expense.

    The bill demands that upon sentencing, the court order reads that upon release the sending county must provide for transportation back to the county of origin where they are enrolled into the local probation system.

    At that point they are free to apply to their local probation department, and ask to move here, and then their county contacts ours to get approval (or not).

  3. Guess-Who says:

    I have tried to tell the R’s this will be RULED Unconstitutional in Federal Court, should a Bill be passed into Law.

    Once someone has Paid their Debt to Society (Serving their Time in Jail or Prison), the Gov’t has NO CONTROL where the Individual chooses to Live.

    The Question are, Does the US or the NJ Constitution PROTECT the Prisoners from this proposed Idea (Future Bill) ?

    Will a Federal or State Judge find this to be Unconstitutional should a Bill be Passed to Force a Prisoner to Return to their Community (Jurisdiction) that sent them to Jail or Prison ?

  4. I Know says:


    I don’t see it as a Constitutional issue at all. The State is merely returning an inmate to his/her last home of record prior to incarceration. If the inmate changes his/her home of record to Cumberland County during incarceration they are free to stay here.

    I’m open to being educated on this issue. I see it as a problem by moving an inmate numerous times during incarceration throughout the state and in some cases even out of State (Fred Baker’s murderer). Doesn’t that guilty POS have an expectation to be returned to New Jersey too? Merely releasing someone onto the streets after they paid their debt is an issue. The State SHOULD have the obligation of returning them to their homes AFTER they served their time.

    Regardless of where a crime is committed, an offender has a home or gives an address that states where he/she is from on an arrest report I would think. Isn’t is reasonable to have the Court use this as official information during sentencing?

    I (don’t) Know (on this issue)
    (still not Wayne though)

  5. Guess-Who says:

    I know:
    Some inmates might not have any Address as they might be Homeless, while others might have been just Renting a Room or an Apartment or even a House that is NOT considered their Permanent Residence after incarceration.

    Doesn’t the Constitution Protect these Rights of an Individual with the IX Amendment & possibly the X Amendment.

    I truly believe that CLOSING some of these Prisons in Cumberland County would be more BENEFICIAL to the Community in General.

    I just think that a Federal Judge would Rule against these RESTRICTIONS that are being Discussed as a Bill/Law.

    Were does IT end when the Gov’t can tell some Americans WHERE they can Live & Not Live ?

    Should NJ Tax-Payer[s] have to PAY for these said Inmates to be Returned to the Municipality or State that sent them to Prison ?

    When an Inmate RECEIVES Mail at the Facility that has him or her Incarcerated, does this become their known Residence ?

    I personally think it FOOLISH to introduce a Bill in Trenton that will NOT have support from a Majority of State Lawmakers because of many other FACTORS that I will not discuss here on Magazzuwatch.

  6. Wildwitch says:

    Wow it’s nice to see everyone fighting…the problem I have with this letter from Fiocchi is he is using Mr Constantino’s death as a political ad… Plus he is misinforming the public. Yes Mr Jones at one time did reside in Essex County but his last Residence before this tragic accident was Bridgeton…Cumberland County….he stole a vehicle from SJHS and went on the run….I pray for Mr Fiocchi cause God doesn’t like ugly!

  7. Guess-Who says:

    U are ASSUMING again 🙂 I have my own OPINION on this Issue & read the Constitution, Bill of Rights.

    The situation with the stolen vehicle (Tactical) that Mr. Jones was Eluding Police with had a Tracking Device & could have been followed through GPS & the Fact that Vineland Police were reaching Speeds during the Chase of 100+ MPH down Chestnut Ave.
    I was under the impression that the Vehicle that was Stolen could have been Disabled with the Technology that was onboard the Computer in the Vehicle.

    Like I have said since this Tragedy happened that there never was a need to Chase this Vehicle at a High Rate of Speed!

    Somebody Correct me if I’m wrong on the Facts, I do have my writings from the Online Forum about this Accident.

  8. Wildwitch says:

    Well Guess Who well to me the accident was caused by the police chasing him at a high rate of speed, not where the fugitive lived.

  9. PoliticsSJ says:

    Pathetic…blaming the police for trying to capture a known felon in a stolen vehicle, and alleviating any blame from the suspect? 100% of the blame is on the suspect, his actions caused the accident. But I guess when you use twisted logic, anything is possible.

  10. Guess-Who says:

    Here is some Info for those that want to EDUCATE themselves on this Topic of Police Pursuits:

  11. Guess-Who says:

    This is an interesting read on Pursuits:

  12. I Know says:

    All you have to do is read the New Jersey Attorney General’s guidelines on Police Pursuits. Look it up for yourself and you will see it clearly states that the initiator of any police pursuit is the violator. It is up to the pursuing officer to terminate if it gets dangerous. Any accident caused by the offender will not immediately cause law enforcement to be to blame. See the Shocks the Conscience part.

    Most of this guidline directly stems from a Vineland pursuit many years ago where the offender turned his head lights off and slammed into an innocent person at Chestnut and Delsea.

    So back to the Constitutional issues of sending someone back to their home County. They should be returned, at the Court’s expense to the County of record. If they change their address while in custody, that should then be used to return them. Again, an inmate serving time out of State either due to Federal crimes or serving out of State for their own safety (happens all the time, see the DOC website) should not just be shown the door with a bus ticket and phone numbers. To me that’s a violation.

  13. Guess-Who says:

    I know:
    How about Local Politicians working to get some of these Prison Facilities CLOSED DOWN here in Cumberland County, NJ once and for All 🙂

    Police Pursuits don’t JUSTIFY the loss of 1 Human Being Period & noone will convince me that they are WORTH the Risk to Our Society.

    There are plenty of Examples that are provided on the Internet about the DANGEROUS CONSEQUENCES of Police Pursuits.

    Unless you have had a Family Member or a Friend or even EXPERIENCED it Yourself, the RESULTS of one these Pursuits from the Innocence Point of View (Innocent bystander) then it is hard to IMAGINE the Pain or Injuries or the lose a Life that are inflicted just to Chase possibly Stop a Criminal operating a Motor Vehicle.

  14. Guess-Who says:

    This Story is CUMBERSOME to Read & believe me should Change your Perspective on High Speed Police Pursuits.

  15. Wildwitch says:

    It all depends on the Police Force each one has there own guidelines on How to handle high speed chases.

  16. baba says:

    It’s crazy time and Sam is politicking. He knows this is unconstitutional and no better than a Van Drew/Milam/what’s his name bill. A photo op at best and impossible to enforce or too costly to enforce. I expected better from Sam.

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