Jeff Van Drew assists Marcus Wilson in income tax evasion

re·im·burse [ree-im-burs]
verb (used with object), -bursed, -burs·ing.
1. to make repayment to for expense or loss incurred: The insurance company reimbursed him for his losses in the fire. pay back; refund; repay.

It seems that Jeff van Drew confused the meaning of the word reimburse, or that Marcus Wilson is lying, or that Van Drew filed an incorrect ELEC Report.

You ask me what I mean? To the left is a page from Van Drew’s ELEC filing, listing a payment of $2509.76 to Marcus Wilson, for “reimbursement”. That means Marcus spent that amount of money, or incurred that exact expense. and that Van Drew repaid Marcus for an expense he incurred.

However, in an interview with the Press of Atlantic City, Marcus claimed that he was being paid by Jeff Van Drew.

Wilson said Van Drew’s campaign is paying him to get out the vote, but he isn’t compensated by how many applications he helps file. He said he has no influence over which way voters ultimately cast their ballots.

You say I am quibbling over words, playing semantics, nitpicking. Whatever -the choice of words can make a huge difference. if Jeff Van Drew is merely reimbursing Marcus Wilson for expenses incurred, Van Drew is under no constraints to report this payment to the IRS. If it is a reimbursement, Marcus Wilson would not have to pay taxes on this income. However, if this is income, as Marcus Wilson implies with his words to the AC Press reporter, he is obligated to report it as income on his 2011 tax returns. Since Van Drew is reporting it as a reimbursement, and NOT taxable income, it would be very easy for Marcus Wilson (who has a tax business, and understands these nuances) to omit this line item as income and use Van Drew’s report stating it is merely a reimbursement.

So, our inquiring readers want to know – was it pay or a pay back? Jeff Van Drew needs to clear the air soon. It seems that our country Freeholder candidates all agree that it was some sort of pay, as they listed on their ELECs that their large checks to Marcus Wilson were for “Consulting”, “Canvassing”, and “GOTV Event”, which means it is pay for work performed, not reimbursement.


20 Responses to Jeff Van Drew assists Marcus Wilson in income tax evasion

  1. Guess-Who says:

    This Jersey Band Rocked back in the day:

  2. Wildwitch says:

    Still didn’t answer why did anyone run a skip trace on Wilson & why would they give such sensitive information to this website. Now this is just my opinion but how do we know that someone that has that information for no other reason but to snoop, could possibly let’s say, cause financial problems for Wilson. Again my opinion but since it’s a Wilson some how is helping the Democrates, one would have to wonder if someone aligned with the Republicans are doing Skiptraces on people. Plus You already said Skiptrace is an online service that private investigators, law enforcement, bounty hunters and I believe even lawyers are allowed to subscribe to.


    Noto and her staff admitted that there is a 48-hour limit for turning around mail-in ballot applications, and that the ballots had not been sent out to those residents until Oct. 24, five days after they were first delivered by Wilson.

    However, county clerk officials stated they have only two staff members processing the applications, and that Noto had employees working overtime on Friday and Saturday just to get the ballots out by Monday, Oct. 24.

    Tell me WuLi how is it that the County Clerks office which had to do overtime to mail the ballots by the 24th but was able to answer your OPRA request in time for you to post copies of them on the 23rd of Oct?

    Plus I was wondering also we know voter registration is public but is an application for a Vote by Mail Ballot public? I just can’t seem to find anyone else that posted these ballots.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    It is SIMPLE Math to Figure out WHY it took the Clerk’s Office the Amount of Time it Did to PROCESS them, 1,000+ Absentee Ballots Dumped on the County Clerk in 2days 🙂 Plus the 23rd of Oct was a SUNDAY!

  4. WuLi says:

    One of the inconvenient truths that the Dem apologists are omitting is the FACT that Judge Krell ORDERED that the ballots be held over the weekend, to afford the clerk time for further scrutiny.

    But, the Cumberland County Democrats have NEVER allowed the TRUTH to interfere with their agenda.

  5. Guess-Who says:

    I found this INFORMATIVE Video that All should Watch:

  6. Guess-Who says:

    Here is another Video for your consideration to view 🙂

    Oh no did someone say CAMDEN ?

  7. Wildwitch says:

    Oh how come the county clerk office didn’t mention it about Judge Krell?

  8. Wildwitch says:

    No s… Sherlock, the 23rd is a Sunday. I was just curious how Wuli got copies so fast. Is it Possible to see the receipt that he was given for the copies?

  9. Guess-Who says:

    Why does it matter to U ?
    The Public is aware of these Absentee Ballot[s] in which over 100 have been REJECTED 🙂

    Except the FACTS as They are Stubborn Things!

    The State of N.J. AG (Attorney General) Office has been Notified about these Absentee Ballots & hopefully the Federal Prosecutor in Camden has been sent the information as well 🙂

    L{.}{.}K for more Videos to be coming to Magazzuwatch pertaining to this situation & Voting in the General Election, Go enjoy ur lunch 🙂

  10. Magnum PI says:

    Skiptracing can be done for anything from a criminal investigation, locating school alumni, detecting and preventing FRAUD, or any number of reasons. As Wuli stated, it may very well be that Marcus Wilson is the victim of identity theft, perhaps by M. Nilsson, M. Altobelli, J. McKenna, etc.. These are some of the people who share SS#s with Wilson, along with addresses.

  11. Wildwitch says:

    First of all they aren’t ABSENTEE BALLOTS!!! It’s an application to receive a mail in ballot. The buck stops at the County Clerks office.

  12. Wildwitch says:

    And in order to get someone’s SS# from a skiptrace you have to be a creditor, lawyer for litigation purposes or law enforcement. Any Joe of the street can’t run a skiptrace to get someone’s Social.

  13. Guess-Who says:

    Mail in Ballot = Absentee Ballot, Correct
    The Form/Application to attain the Absentee Ballot /Mail in Ballot requires ID from the Register Voter ?

    How does someone get the form to receive a Absentee/Mail in Ballot from an Assistor without having to show their ID ?

  14. Guess-Who says:

    Can’t a P.I. (Private Investigator) use a skiptrace to gain this info ?

  15. Wildwitch says:

    Well since you all know so much if you went to the County Board of Elections website anyone can print it off & fill it out.
    Yes a PI can run it but he needs to show why he would need the person’s Social.

  16. Wildwitch says:

    Oh Magnum PI…he could possibly but why would someone be doing a skiptrace on him? Why would it end up on Wuli’s doorstep?

  17. Guess-Who says:

    Why, Why, WHY, U keep asking WHY this WHY that!!!
    That’s Why nobody is taking U seriously 🙂

    I’ve noticed that U have changed ur Tune a tad-bit.

  18. James says:

    @ Wildwitch…u r I.D. is required when requesting/submitting a absentee ballot. Does seem odd in this day in age since u r required to have 7 points of identification to renew a drivers license that has ur picture and personal info stamped on it.

  19. Wildwitch says:

    I’m asking why because no one has answered the question.

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