Legislative District 1 Voter Fraud


4 Responses to Legislative District 1 Voter Fraud

  1. Calhoun says:

    The Republicans may be making gains in the area support wise. However, they may well come up short on Election Day because they are running a stupid campaign. In South Jersey, there are a tremendous number of disaffected Ds like myself who would like to vote for someone else — maybe even the Rs.

    However, we don’t view Obama with the same vicious hatred that many in the R party do. Any president in either party would be unpopular were he governing in these most challenging times. And hey, at least his administration has not been filled with one independent prosecutor investigation after another. Our problems are local problems. We don’t like Norcross’s backroom deals. We don’t like Sweeney using old campaign money to buy fancy cigars and expensive meals. We don’t like Van Drew spending over $300,000 in campaign money (much of it looks like routine day-to-day living expenses to me — gasoline, meals etc), even though he had no opponent. And yes, we don’t like the situation involving Marcus Wilson.

    Despite all this the, Rs continue to use this election as a referendum on Obama, not realizing that this is driving away a bloc of voters they need to win next week. There is no point in mentioning Obama in this ad. Furthermore, also mentioning Acorn in the ad (plus Obama, plus Wilson) is playing the race card as much as Doug Long played it when he insinuated that Noto’s office was not processing ballot application requestes fast enough from predominantly African-American neighborhoods. The Rs’ tactic may indeed trigger a backlash in minority communities as much as it gets the Obama haters to come out.

    While the Rs are now sinking to the Ds’ level in nasty campaigning, they may be getting schooled by the Ds on modern political strategy. It was reported yesterday that over 4000 ballot applications were requested in Cumberland County and that most of these were from likely D voters. If true, and, if these people actually mail in ballots on time, then the Rs will have a tough time overcoming this huge advantage for the Ds. I don’t like mail-in ballots, but, so long as they’re legal, a serious campaign stratgey must have a serious mail in ballot element, and if the Rs didn’t have one for this election, then shame on them.

    Sadly, the Rs never tried to appeal to a broader coalition of voters. Instead they used the “Obama is Satan” mantra over and over again. Good job fellas. You will get lots of R voters to slam the lever real hard for your guys. But in getting your base all worked up into a froth (Obama is Satan, Obama is Satan), you drove away other potential supporters, and even if we decide to sit this election out, it would have been better (most likely necessary) for you if we had voted for the Rs.

    Ulimately a campaign has to have a strategy to get more votes than the opposition — the enthusiasm of those who vote is irrelevant. And if Van Drew and his team win this election by three percentage points instead of 15 they still will be elected, and all the worked up Rs can go home losers again.

    A vote from someone who has been a cheerleader for the ticket counts the same as one who pukes all the way to the polls. The Rs did a good job securing the votes of the pom-pom wavers but they forgot about the pukers.

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Even the Independent Voter[s] in Cumberland County feel the same way as U have said in this Intelligent Piece of Analyzing the Campaign[s] thus far.

    I feel the same as U about the AD & using the President as an Excuse.

    Just so I am clear to everyone, I believe that President Obama is doing the Job he was Elected to do and shouldn’t be used as an Excuse for the Problems in Cumberland County, NJ.

  3. WuLi says:

    I have to agree on that point – I always hated when Lou Magazzu ran against Bush – Bush was not running for Freeholder. And using Obama was not necessary in this ad. Obama is not running for office in New Jersey, and there is a 35% or so block of voters that approves of his job. The people that feel truly negative about Obama are not going to vote for a D anyway! You got THEIR votes already.

    Mentioning ACORN style politics is appropriate, the organization still exists, albeit with another acronym, and Marcus’ electioneering comes right out of their playbook.

  4. baba says:

    It;s unfortunate that with the door wide open the R’s still don’t come up with great candidates or new ideas. Jody ? Really ? Experienced ?

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