Save Jersey Blog accuses Van Drew of helping Marcus Wilson evade taxes

This just in – the SaveJersey Blog has their own spin on the tax evasion issue.

Wilson is clearly an independent contractor, and as such, is obligated to file his own income taxes on the monies received from Van Drew. The Van Drew campaign would verify this when they file papers with the IRS stating that the monies  paid to Wilson were for the services of an independent contractor. Those papers will not be filed, however, because all monies paid to Wilson were listed as “reimbursements”. Even though the money was for GOTV efforts, the IRS has been duped into thinking, by Van Drew, it is a non-taxable event.

At least we can say that our local candidates, even though they are financing this person of questionable character, were honest in their reporting.


8 Responses to Save Jersey Blog accuses Van Drew of helping Marcus Wilson evade taxes

  1. Wildwitch says:

    So wait did you report this first or did the other blog because it looks like the same story.

  2. Guess-Who says:

    What do U think about the Video of Jeff V.D. Matt M & Nelson A ?

    Notice U like to AVOID certain posts on here, Why is That ?

  3. I Know says:

    Cowardly can be a trait. Muck raker is another. I’ve been a reader of this site for a while now. One of many observations is this: I’ve noticed during election time that trolls pop up. I’m waiting to see Miles make an appearance.

    Oh I almost forgot! I’m waiting for Christine to say what woman’s organization she has started and what wonderful things it has accomplished. And I’d love to hear all about the wonderful accomplishments of the Riley family too!

    Still no answer if ww supports voter fraud or not. It’s an easy question. Watch this: Hey Guess Who and Wuli, do you two support voter fraud?

    Guess Who, I say let the ww keeep at it and another mistake will be made and seal his/her fate.

    The politcal party in power is losing it’s grip. Power corrupts those who choose to allow it too. When they leave there will be some ‘splainin’ to do. Even rats are dangerous and can do a lot of damage if they feel threatened.

    Much Love WW! (not)

  4. Guess-Who says:

    I don’t support Voter Fraud & I also don’t support SUPPRESSING Voters from Voting, It is that Simple 🙂

  5. Wildwitch says:

    Awww Wayne you like me…oh I mean “I know”…. if you want to use a fake name you have to stop giving yourself away. First clue you seem know a lot about these Reilly Family….you keep making sure we know it’s not “Wayne.” I’ve been meaning to ask you Wayne, first how is it possible that you live in Bridgeton but your children attend Hopewell…2nd…how is your puppet Master Begley?

    aka:still not wayne

  6. I Know says:

    I don’t like you WW. I’m not Wayne. I am Master of My Domain. I serve no one but my family, God and Country. Wayne must be one smart guy though. HE’S GETTING TO YOU!

    nOT wAYNE

  7. Wildwitch says:

    From what I’ve read & seen in my opinion he’s really not. Keep working on that home school!

    Oh but wait I do think it’s interesting after seeing who this Wayne guy is…why is it he such a Big Bridgeton Boy but his family attends another public school other than Bridgeton Public….seems like he’s swiping other tax payees money….don’t you think so I KNOW!!!

  8. Guess-Who says:

    I know there are some DeadHeads that view this site, Have U seen this Video, it is a Jam Session 🙂

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