No surprise here

The Bridgeton News came out with endorsements today, with the bogus claim that they are impartial and non-partisan. The News devotes pages to Jack Hummel, a man who claimed to print everything, but refused to print letters critical of Lou Magazzu. Lou could do not wrong, and only when he, I like how they put it, imploded did they finally distance themselves.

Couple that with the scandalous implosion of one-time county Democratic chairman and freeholder director Lou Magazzu and Republicans have plenty of reason for optimism.

We believe this is the year for a power shift that would tilt the board to 4-3 Republican majority.

The News endorses Democratic incumbent Bill Whelan, Democrat Carol Musso and Republican Bill Gonzalez for three full terms on the board, and Democrat Jim Dunkins for an open one-year term.

They endorse Musso for one of the reasons she should be shunned, in my opinion.

She (Musso) … is an active participant in … Gateway Community Action Partnership, Cumberland Development Corp. and many other endeavors.

Gateway Community Action Partnership, the organization formerly known as Tri-County, has had its share of legal scandals, and was an open-ended recipient for no-bid contracts and tax money. The organization has shown absolutely no accountability on a project we questioned several years ago. $225,000 was dropped into that money-pit, and never seen again. Lou Magazzu and his Freeholders promised that the Freeholder Board would revisit the contract every six months – this has NEVER happened. And now the News is supporting a candidate that is way too close to this organization for comfort.


7 Responses to No surprise here

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Here’s Whelan running his Mouth during the 2008 Campaign:

    Then Whelan & Dunkins VOTE in Favor of giving Rainear the RAISE from $75,000.00 that the D’s Campaigned on to full amount of $107,500.00 that Constitutional Officers are paid throughout the State of NJ with Resolution #764.

    That is called WAFFLING.

    Dunkins has PROVED that he should NOT be Re-Elected as he has No-Clue what he is doing as a Freeholder, the Best way to describe him is WEAK & a JOKE as a Politician.

  2. Wildwitch says:

    Wow it’s so amazing this non-partisan site, you can be happy that he said that it was the year to shift the power. Just a bashing of Democrats. Wonder if all my comments will get deleted soon? Don’t worry eyes I print everything as soon as I post it.

  3. WuLi says:

    WW – NOTHING has been deleted, and you know it! Once again, you cannot deal with truth, and must resort to lies to cast aspersions.

    A funny story – after Lou Magazzu stepped down because – I suppose he realized he was getting too much exposure – I invited a couple people to my house. Unbeknownst to me, they invited some people – who brought bottles of champagne to celebrate.

    Do you know how many Republicans were at this get-together? One, it was me. The rest were all registered D’s except for two registered independents, and ALL held very high positions in the county at one time or another – and ALL are huge supporters of this site. Many of them are contributors.

    So you can stop with your tired partisan rhetoric – EVERY BODY that has followed this site from the inception KNOWS that I am the sole Republican, although I admit I am the most vocal. Haystacks Calhoun gives me a run for my money, and he, I can attest, is also a fairly hard core D with the exception that he actually expects his candidates to have a little bit of integrity. You, WW, on the other hand, are so hard core D that you would vote for Charlie Manson if he were on your ticket! And that is sad!

    I am an R, and I like to see my party win, but I have OFTEN voted against our candidates because they were not worthy of being elected. And that is the difference between you and me, I also expect a modicum of integrity from my candidates.

  4. I can attest to the fact that WuLi was the ONLY Republican at the aforementioned get-together. If it were not for this site, all kinds of B.S would go unreported and never seeing the light of day. I guess it was not only Big(well not so big) Lou ginning up the voting. This corruption is endemic in Cumberland County. The local medial do not care to follow up since the newspaper bosses in the pocket of the local Democratic apparatus

  5. Wildwitch says:

    Waaaaaaaa!!! All anyone does on here is whines. Do you think I really care that you had a party and some D’s showed up. So what if some of them were D’s that hate Lou. Obviously there are people out there that did or he won’t have won. The problem is the site says it’s a non-partisan site…but all it gossips about is D’s.

  6. I Know says:

    Is it me? Or does this ww sound like Magazzu before he was outed. Some familiar phrashes that sound like a baby crying, muckraking and hiding while hurling inflammatory rhetoric. It seemed to stop when threatened with legal action. He/she must have taken a Cliff notes internet version of law shcool because it is back…..

    Still ain’t Wayne!

  7. Wildwitch says:

    Wayne, Wayne,Wayne…oops sorry I Know…I’m surprised your so against your people from Bridgeton. What threat of legal action? Oh I’m Magazzu you right you found me out you are sooo smart! What is it that you always say GFY!!! Sorry that just my opinion…

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