Predicting a Democrat Sweep

I will go on record and predict a Democrat sweep of the county. The county mailed out over 4,000 absentee ballots, ALL of them D’s. in this county, elections are won and lost over 100 votes.

The scary thing is, the majority of the people that are voting with these ballots have never voted before.

Long estimates 15 to 20 percent of the applications were filled out by those who had just this year registered to vote, and that approximately 80 percent from those who either haven’t voted, or only voted once, in the last four years.

People that don’t care about the county, that have to be pretty much strong-armed or bribed into voting are making the decision of who runs this county for the next four years. And judging from the shenanigans of Marcus Wilson who has been squarely on the radar screen from the beginning, I for one doubt the integrity of many of these ballots.

You have to remember, it was Jon Corzine (once again in the news, one of the money power brokers that pushed this entire country into a recession) that changed NJ laws to allow anybody to vote by mail for any reason – increasing the chances for voter fraud phenomenally.

You have to realize – in order to buy a pack of cigarettes you have to show a valid identification, but to register to vote all you need is a signature and your word that you really are who you say you are.

Already I am hearing reports of multiple mail-in ballots by the same person.  And these are only the ones that are being caught. With a major Cumberland County Democratic leader in heading our local election board, does anyone truly think she will scrutinize questionable ballots? Heck, she allowed HER own signature to be forged on a partisan letter after she refused to sign it, and then refused to take action after she found out. Nancy Sungenis will not do anything that hurts her party – and that is a dangerous sort of person to put in charge of our elections.

She didn’t even show up to the first court appearance when voter fraud was discovered in Fairfield Twp. And then orders were given to destroy evidence on the computer? Does anyone really think that every effort, no matter how dubious, will be employed to ensure that the existing party maintains control and doesn’t lose their empire?


4 Responses to Predicting a Democrat Sweep

  1. Guess-Who says:

    This is Disturbing to Hear this info under Sworn Testimony:

  2. wildwitch says:

    Okay what does that have to do with anything here?

  3. Wildwitch says:

    What I find interesting since you talk about loyalty to your party

    Ms. Paula Dow Atty. Gen. State of New Jersey October 24, 2011
    P.O. Box 080
    Trenton, New Jersey 08625 -0086

    Re: Vote by mail fraud request for investigation

    Dear Atty. Gen. Dow,

    On October 21, 2011, I visited the Cumberland County clerk’s office and reviewed completed vote by mail application request forms. Upon my audit of these applications, I discovered multiple errors that the Cumberland County clerk’s office had detected and rejected. These applications for reasons that I believe are intentional misrepresentations and thereby suggest potential criminal fraud. I have enclosed copies of those applications for your view. To date there have been over 1000 applications submitted to the Cumberland County clerk’s office with one name affixed to all as the assistor in the name of Marcus R. Wilson Sr. is found on all 1000+ applications.

    Some of the rejected applications include rejections for reason of the following;

    One application was completed by a 14-year-old minor, and another application was completed with the address of a resident from the city of Newark, New Jersey, another application was completed with his signature or voters claiming forgery of their names and applications submitted by individuals who are currently on parole and or probation of felony convictions. All of these applications including the remaining 1000 +applications again were signed by the assistor, Marcus R. Wilson Sr.

    Marcus R. Wilson Sr. resides at the address of 617 S. New Rd., Pleasantville, NJ 08232 as indicated on all applications. Upon further investigation it has been determined that Mr. Wilson is employed by the candidates Jeff Van Drew, the Cumberland County Democrat Organization, candidate account of Anthony (Tony) Surace, William Whelan and James R. Dunkins. (Copies of elect reports for these candidates are enclosed for your view). Furthermore upon research it was discovered that Mr. Wilson who resides in Atlantic County had previously been involved in vote by mail investigations and in one instance in 2007 ballots were rejected in general elections due to similar activity. Enclosed please find supportive copies of The Press of Atlantic City news articles.

    I bring you these concerns for your consideration for investigation of potential voter fraud and tampering crimes in violation of New Jersey law. I respectfully request your consideration and review of the enclosed documents for this troubling matter.

    As the chairman, of the Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization, I hereby request a formal investigation from your office. If you are in the need of any further information please feel free to contact me.

    Respectfully yours,

    Robert V. Greco

    Now I see why WuLi can’t show his O.P.R.A. request. In my opinion it looks like someone from the Clerks office made a quick phone call to the R’s since the Apps were dropped off late on the 19th. I would hope that once someone takes that position the would be non partisan. It would make me worry if I was a voter in CC.

  4. Guess-Who says:

    I say CHALLENGE every single VOTE that is Submitted 🙂

    There are places throughout the Country that have exceeded 100% of Register Voters. 103%, 111%, 106%, 115% want to Guess-Who is Voting in these Election[s] ?

    The Video above is ENOUGH to make U wonder WTF is really going on 😦

    The Day has come to start QUESTIONING the Process of running FREE & FAIR Elections when there is PROOF that Elections have been RIGGED in the PAST!!!!

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