Watch this video, and question EVERY election!

Knowing that we have NO PAPER TRAIL in Cumberland county, and knowing that we already have one proven case of voter fraud that occurred in 2011, does anyone believe that the same people that attempt to subvert the process with fraudulent mail-in ballots wouldn’t also consider tampering with some key election machines?



One Response to Watch this video, and question EVERY election!

  1. Guess-Who says:

    The need for a 3rd Party OBSERVER (Independent Party) at ALL of the Polling Places is Warranted.
    The FACT that there is PROOF that Elections in this Country are being RIGGED is ENOUGH for an INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT to OVERSEE the Entire Election Process.

    We are NOT talking about the Game of Golf here were one calls a penalty on themselves if an infraction is committed.
    We are TALKING about Elections & Politicians & Corporations that want POWER at all C0$T!

    Make sure that U advise others to keep a close EYE at their Voting Precinct, Have ur Camera ready to FILM any ACTIVITIES that APPEAR to be QUESTIONABLE!

    I have ask some CITIZENS in the AREAS that are prone to being Helped with their Voting to get included this year for an INSIDE VIEW of what is being OFFERED.

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