End of free speech in Cumberland County

The CCDO has tried everything to shut this site down. They tried to discredit it, while their boss resigned in shame. They tried to ignore t, but it won’t go away. They have bullied the local papers into remaining quiet about their scandals, meanwhile MagazzuWatch plugs on, along with SaveJersey Blog – two hold-outs printing what the mainstream media would ignore.

Today, I understand Bob Balicki was on the radio bragging about how they plan to sue the pants off of everybody. I am sure that had to be in reference to the extremely expensive litigation that his buddy, George Norcross stooge Doug Long launched against me and multiple others, merely for bringing up the fact that Cumberland County Clerks Office was buried under a landslide of absentee ballot applications, 10% which have been proven fraudulent.

If they can’t shut us up, they will sue us into oblivion, and also anybody else that would dare speak openly about wrongdoing int he county. This is a total affront to the first amendment, with a civil suit complaint that is so poorly written that I can poke holes in it all day long. in one complaint, they take one sentence so completely out of context that they twist it to say the complete opposite of what was plainly written. They cite case law that has absolutely nothing to do with blogging. They are attempting to force all media to undergo government approval in order to be deemed legitimate.

Nevermind that in the 18th century, a free press was just that. Anybody – no government credentials required, was allowed to set up a press and print whatever propaganda they desired.There was no such thing as an unbiased press in those days, newspapers were started to endorse one sie or another of an argument.

They claim that by using humor, parody or satire, a media source is no longer legitimate. That argument would make all political cartoons illegal – and this sort of persecution of opponents is what Whelan, Surace, Dunkins  and friends would continue to further if they are elected. If you can’t beat he, sue them into poverty, bankrupt them, and take away their right to speak out.

Anyway, Doug, see you in court. Not in Cumberland County, either – we will not be railroaded. And I am sure I will be inviting Senator Jeff Van Drew, along with discovery of many documents he might rather not be publicized.

4 Responses to End of free speech in Cumberland County

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Magazzuwatch must continue to EXPOSE the FACTS no matter WHO or WHOM doesn’t like to see it PUBLISHED.

    George, Bob, Doug, Steve, & the Rest of the CAMDEN Machine have had to much CONTROL of Cumberland County, The RESIDENTS in these 14 Communities that make up this County deserve to have People Who want this County to IMPROVE for ALL.

    The Next 2 Days are so Important to get the Word out to VOTE, take the Time to tell 10 People, some U know and others that U don’t.

    IF 1 or 2 Freeholder Incumbents are Voted Out, the County will see CHANGES in many different areas.

    The Clock is Ticking as the Election is only 3 day away, Do Something to get your Friends & Family along with Co-Workers & even Acquaintances or those that U don’t know to VOTE on Tuesday Nov 8, 2011 🙂

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Remember this is WHO was Controlling the County of Cumberland for the Camden Boss 🙂

    Isn’t this ENOUGH to make U want to arouse 10-20 People to VOTE on Tuesday Nov 8th 2011

  3. Everyone who wants to make a difference in Cumberland County vot tomorrow and vote STRAIGHT ROW A. Thanks for your support.

  4. Patrick W. Conahey, Sr. says:

    I have faith that you will win in the lawsuit, for all you are doing is telling the truth. They try harassing me for doing the same thing here in Fairfield; haven’t attacked me to the level that they are at you, but still there. Am I going away? You better believe that they don’t want me to go on a revealing jag! Dems are funny little people; as long as they are on the giving side, dirty tricks are okay; when they are on the receiving end, they aren’t so happy.

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