I see dead people…


I Received this in the mail today. I guess the CCRRO will be the to be served in a civil lawsuit.


39 Responses to I see dead people…

  1. Guess-Who says:

    The Simple Solution is to CHALLENGE every single VOTE that comes in, in the form of an Absentee Ballot & possibly EVERY VOTE for these Freeholder Incumbents 🙂

    The NEED is there to KEEP a Close Eye & a very Close EYE at the Polling Stations & in some Prone Neighborhoods that always seem to get VOTER ASSISTANCE with a Ride to VOTE.

    Your Phone & Video Camera should be CHARGED and Ready to Use 🙂
    There might even be some Individuals that are gathering INFORMATION of any HAND-OUTS being Offered or Paperwork telling one who or whom to vote for.

    Don’t be AFRAID to ask Questions or Question Questionable Behavior at the Polls.

    Nobody is going to get away with anything and it is up to U to make sure of this, It is ur RESPONSIBILITY as an American to ENSURE of a FREE & FAIR ELECTION 4-All 🙂

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Perfect Song to get U going today:

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Where-O-Where has everyone gone, Where-O-Where can they B ?
    Where are the Mouth Pieces for the Camden Machine ?

    Where are those that WANT a CHANGE in Cumberland County ?

    It L{.}{.}Ks like they’re AFRAID to POST here on Magazzuwatch because of the Lawsuit.

    What a Day for DEMOCRACY in this Community, When U allow these CONTROL FREAKS to Keep You QUIET and NOT Exercise Your RIGHT to FREE SPEECH.

    Wow, This is PATHETIC, What I have WITNESSED Here on Magazzuwatch with the ABSENCE of INPUT.

    Anyone NEED the LIST of NAMES that are M.I.A. from Here on Magazzuwatch?

    We all have a VOICE and NOW is the Time to Use IT, more than ever Before!!!

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  4. CBKennedy says:

    A little off-topic but why would the lawsuit keep people from posting? This is America,after all & if you are so-inclined you can pretty much sue anyone @ anytime for anything. You are still entitled to your opinion,right? The Supreme court has ruled that anonymity is protected under the first amendment as ” protection against the tyranny of the majority”. We’ve witnessed this first hand in CC, between Jack Hummel and his nincompoops @ that yellow rag and the recent semi-literate rant of Wildwitch/Anastacia.

    This blog has proved a valuable resource for information that the local press refuses to address. Jack Hummel specifically has proved to be a sycophant for the CC democrats. He publishes freely and unlike WuLi He isn’t upfront with his motivation. Hummel also has petty and personal grievances and allows racial slurs to be printed by his ” friends” inexcusable.

    In a recent The Daily Journal article Mayor Al Kelly of Bridgeton made a statement that is very telling about the attitude of the CC democrats—-“There is still easy money and the state is telling me that no one is applying for the program…”. EASY MONEY! That is your money!!! And his goal is to give it away—easily. Please stop to think before you vote on the 8th, especially when it comes to any member of the Democratic party that nasties to such ideology.


  5. CBKennedy says:

    Sorry,” nasties” should be” subscribes”. Blackberry syndrome…..

  6. WuLi says:

    @CBK – actually, there are some lower court rulings that only people being paid by a news organization are afforded 1st amendment rights, that they do not apply to people such as I and the thousands of other bloggers that have blown the lid off of countless news stories.

    This is exactly the claim that Doug Long is using – citing a bogus case that has nothing to do with blogging or bloggers – Long and the Cumberland County Democrats want a litmus test to ensure that they can limit the free speech of people such as I that would bring their dirty dealings to light. They are attempting to destroy the power of bloggers everywhere.

    I am ready to see them in Supreme Court.

  7. Wildwitch says:

    Nobody is too afraid to post on here, maybe some of us do have other things going on in their lives.
    Oh I can sit here and tell him you can try and have moved out of the County, it’s up to the Judge. Why would he not feel that he would get a fair trial here in CC?

    Lots of people can file suit for Defamation and in my opinion Magazzu watch will loose. The problem is Magazzuwatch has nothing to go after. Would they be able to have the site taken down they could try.

    I just don’t feel like posting because unlike everyone else on the blog, to me it gets boring. Magazzuwatch just rants about the same old stuff.

  8. ??????? says:

    So they sue for damages. Hard to prove the financial damage.
    Prove that the statements are knowingly false. Very high hurdle.
    This lawsuit will be gone as soon as the last votes are counted.

  9. WuLi says:

    First of all their lawsuit has to ACCURATELY reflect was was written, not just based on one sentence out of context,

    Next, they have to prove that the defendants KNEW what was published was false, and still recklessly and with malice posted anyway. I say over 100 improper ballots out of 1,000 is proof of malfeasance, or at least reckless dereliction on the part of the person signing his name attesting that he assisted the person in filling them out.

    I am considering options of filing a counter-suit for harassment and intimidation.

  10. ??????? says:

    There was a Magazzu siting at the CourtHouse .
    He was at the Clerk’s office. Is he absentee voting because he is off to Chicago?
    He he still a Cumberland County resident?

  11. Wildwitch says:

    But you posted that he was doing tax evasion.

    Tax evasion is the general term for efforts by individuals, corporations, trusts and other entities to evade taxes by illegal means.

    You showed complete disregard whether the statement was true or false, you just wanted to harm him.

    Everyone knows this blog is used mostly to harm people’s reputation and character. You can say all you want about the applications but where is the fraud? Maybe you should stop posting about private citizens & start getting real facts to back up what you post.

    I wonder, if the Clerks Office let all of the apps go through without knowing what party dropped them off, would you be mad at the Clerks Office?

  12. WuLi says:


    How could I claim he committed tax evasion when he hasn’t filed taxes for 2011? You are so desperate to justify a reckless lawsuit that has but one intention – to chill free speech and destroy the constitution rights to report valid news stories.

  13. Wildwitch says:

    But that statement could harm business wise. If you were one of his clients and you read the story you would think he was doing something wrong.

  14. CBKennedy says:

    Just because someone’s business is tax prep doesn’t mean that they are not capable of income tax fraud/ evasion.

  15. Wildwitch says:

    @Cbkennedy – not saying that they aren’t capable. What maggazzuwatch did was say that he was doing it when knowing the statement was false. Didn’t you see his comment. He could have wrote the story and question their actions, but no he said he was commuting tax evasion.

  16. CBKennedy says:

    @Wildwitch–I think that MW was parsing the VanDrew election expense rpt. The difference between Wilson having to show income in 2011 or not. It is impossible today( 11/7/2011) to have evaded 2011 income tax.

  17. Guess-Who says:

    Attorney General Paula T. Dow Announces
    Election Day Safeguards
    Deputy Attorneys General to be Stationed in All 21 Counties

    Approximately 200 Deputy Attorneys General (DAsG) will be assigned throughout the state on Election Day, November 8, to help ensure a fair and smooth-running election, and to assist county election officials in resolving voting-related legal issues


  18. Calhoun says:

    Nothing — and I mean nothing is better than than the late Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”. Thanks for posting Guess-Who. The perfect antidote to those without a soul and conscience who make our lives so trying.

  19. Calhoun says:

    Oh, and Guess-Who, some of us are still here. When we’re not here, it is because life got in the way — not a lawsuit! What doesn’t kill one only makes one stronger. This will only make Carl and MWatch stronger,

  20. Guess-Who says:

    I never Doubted that you Calhoun would avoid Magazzuwatch, I just was asking out loud where some of the regular contributors were 🙂

    This Lawsuit that was filed against Magazzuwatch appears to be a way to try and SILENCE those that are seeking the TRUTH.

    I have read your writing that u submitted tonight, another fine piece of insight & input besides a great observation of the Facts.

    I believe this site has produced plenty of TRUTHS & FACTS along with Sound Advice over the Years of its Existence.

    You are Welcome for the Music, That Version is so INTENSE to Listen to.
    Thanks again for Posting your Knowledge here on Magazzuwatch.

  21. Calhoun says:

    Hey Guess-Who: I have a couple of requests from YouTube. For those of us who have deep, deep roots, in the county. I think our sentiments are best expressed by David Gray’s “The One I Love” — our love being for our county and it being a bit less polluted (in all respects) from those counties that surround us. What we’re up against:: How about Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” from the soundtrack for the 2001 film “Donnie Darko”? Patrick Swayze’s character and that demonic rabbit in this film sure remind me of the current crop of carpetbaggers that now claim to have the best interests of our county in mind.

  22. Guess-Who says:

    Calhoun & others let’s enjoy:

  23. Guess-Who says:

    some Music:

  24. Wildwitch says:

    Hahahaha! Truth and Facts, I really hate to break it to you but there is probably a hand full of people that even read anything on Magazzuwatch. So why would you think this site would influence any voter out there. It’s just a gossip site and dear old Carla thinks this is real journalism. Anyone that’s new that comments on the site people go after them just because they have different points of view.

    This lawsuit could also be the end of Magazzuwatch. Even though the owner of Magazzuwatch may not have a $ doesn’t mean there can’t be a judgement for Magazzuwatch to pay.

    This is from EFF.org, that’s plastered on Magazzuwatch –

    What are the elements of a defamation claim?

    The elements that must be proved to establish defamation are:

    1. a publication to one other than the person defamed;
    2. a false statement of fact;
    that is understood as
    a. being of and concerning the plaintiff; and
    b. tending to harm the reputation of plaintiff.

    If the plaintiff is a public figure, he or she must also prove actual malice.

    So if you read their definition,Magazzuwatch could be guilty.

    Who’s to say that this isn’t just the start of other suits. I seem to remember Magazzuwatch making statements about Matlock, Dawson, I believe also Jannarone. Heck I would have been mad if I was Jannarone’s ex because it posted the appeal from his divorce and it had his financial info on there. Yes I understand it’s easy to access but who goes looking for it. That’s just sick and obsessed with doing harm to people.

  25. Calhoun says:

    If no one is reading MWatch, then there can be no claim of libel. I can climb to the top of Mt. Everest and basically scream anything I want, since there is no one there to hear it. Can’t have it both ways WWitch. .

  26. Guess-Who says:

    Calhoun have U heard this before, Where the Camden Boss would like to keep this County

  27. Wildwitch says:

    True if the false statements were just onW but they were also on Save South Jersey.

  28. Guess-Who says:

    The Newbies are EXPERTS on Everything or at least they So BELIEVE.

    I noticed that the side-kick is MIA, U know the one (Annastacia) that accused ALL of us as being Racist that use Magazzuwatch.

    Then there is the Derogatory Comment directed towards me that was made by WW that will be addressed after the Election 🙂

    Who else remembers last years Election here on Magazzuwatch in Cumberland County & the Magazzuwatch user[s] Who always had to try to get the last word (comment) in ?

    I remember handing them their _ _ _ many times!!!

    Will this be another one that has their _ _ _ handed to them 🙂

  29. Wildwitch says:

    Mommy i’m sooo scared…he’s going to go after me after the election, waaaaaaa! I better run away I’m sooo scared!

  30. Guess-Who says:

    Nothing like having these Newbies (New Names same old Games) on here at Magazzuwatch.

    sucramsr is back on Twitter 25 min ago “Praises to the Most High” was Tweeted.

    Will Jeff V.D. send sucramsr a box of Chocolates or some Flowers ?

    Get Out and Vote, Start calling ur Friends, Family, Neighbors & others to Remind them that Today is the Day to be Heard LOUD & CLEAR without a Word being Said 🙂

  31. CBKennedy says:

    @Calhoun—Swayze in “Donnie Darko” great reference!!!!

  32. ??????? says:

    Would Wildwitch know about suing empty pockets?
    Are his pockets empty without his ex father in law to pay his expenses?

  33. Wildwitch says:

    ?????? To funny. Maybe you should ask Lou that question. There is something that alarms me so with some of posts and comments. Now we know that most of the people on here that comment are Republicans. For people like myself who vote for the best, most qualified person, it’s amazing how so many Republicans get inside calls from the County Clerks office. Yes, we all know Gloria Noto is a Republican, but you would hope that once you were in that position you would be nonpartisan. It just makes you very concerned as a voter.

  34. WuLi says:

    WW there you go with wild accusations and assumptions based on your permanently closed mind. I know the identities of two of the posters on this thread – Calhoun is a major D, and self-proclaimed liberal. But, he is a person with something lacking in our local candidates, ETHICS and MORAL VALES! And I am not speaking of some campy fake religious morality – he is an atheist, too.

    Guess who is an ardent unapologetic Independent with a capital “I” who has gone after both D’s and R’s like a rabid dog! He doesn’t think the Occupy Wall Street people have gone far enough, and wants to see a freeholder board comprised of 3D’s, 3 R’s and one Independent.

    And Ideally, that would be great. If Van Drew wants to sponsor some responsible legislation, lets mandate that split to prevent single party rule that steam rolls people like the Magazzu regime did for years.

  35. wildwitch says:

    Oh I guess you’re not going to answer the question. You don’t want people to know that there are moles at the Clerks office?

    Everything is just gossip and hear say, if you had so much proof about any of the D’s we all know you would have posted on here.

    Gossip, Gossip, Gossip…I think maybe all of you are a bunch of chatty old women. You should call this site TMZ of Cumberland County, you might get more respect.

  36. I Know says:

    Well ww,

    You still never answered my questions: Do you support voter fraud and do you agree if it exposed? Don’t go demanding anything from anyone until you strap a set on and walk the walk, lou. Answer these questions to have any shred of credibility.

    Still Not Wayne

  37. Wildwitch says:

    Listen Wayne Rizzo (I Know), you really must have something wrong, I think I have answered that question a million times. Did you answer mine?

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