A thousand here, a thousand there

The graph is a screen shot of the control panel for MagazzuWatch.com. As you can see, we have over a thousand unique hits daily.What is a unique hit? That is one person visiting the site, regardless of how many page views they ran up during their visit. One person can skew stats by clicking on hundreds of page views, if that is how your counter is set up. This counts one person, one view – sort of like the way the voting system is designed to work. One person – one vote – unless you are a Democrat that mailed in multiple absentee ballots.

Do these thousand hits daily count as votes? I would consider maybe 75% solid, and many of them are people that switched sides after reading the mounds of evidence that we published, and realizing the level of corruption that permeates this county.

But, I know for a fact that many of these views are of people that are so hard-core partisan that they would vote for a candidate even if it were proven they were handing out cash to people to vote. one judge reads us religiously, and would turn a blind eye to corruption of his party if he witnessed it, I believe.  He just writes it off as “the way politics is done” without apology or even any hint that things should be done differently.

I know the chairs of the CCDO, even though they might claim to have never seen this website, read it religiously. Balicki said he never saw this site, and then on the radio brags about suing all the bloggers into oblivion for  – what? =- exercising our first amendment rights which he obviously thinks apply only to Democrats. And since Doug Long’s law firm is suing me, that proves that when he says he never saw the site he is being duplicitous. Heck, they even used out of context excerpts to prove their shallow case.

I look forward to November 18, in Superior Court. I have to wonder why THIS venue? Doug Long is not from Cumberland County. Marcus Wilson, the plaintiff, is from Atlantic County! The other defendants are from Glen Rock, NJ and Oaklyn, NJ respectively. And I have to wonder why they are not pursing legal recourse against the New Jersey Republican State Committee, which sent mailers saying the same things that we lowly bloggers said.

Oh wait – the NJRSC has money. This suit is clearly a form of harassment with a single purpose to shut down anybody that would stand up to the powers that be.

One Response to A thousand here, a thousand there

  1. John Davies says:

    Camden County used outdated machines that are easy to manipulate and gain big win


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