Get Out and Vote

This is a reminder that today is election day. Please, go to your local poll, and vote your conscience. Vote for the candidates that YOU think will best serve Cumberland County. SAY NO to Camden Interests!


7 Responses to Get Out and Vote

  1. Wildwitch says:

    And the next time you cash that unemployment check because you can’t find work, who do you thank the Democrats

  2. Guess-Who says:

    I am LMFAO at this comment above 🙂

    The WORKER[S] are the one[s] that PAY State of NJ Unemployment Taxes from their Salary, The Employer Pays FUTA for the Employee with a Contribution to the Federal Unemployment Tax A,
    It is their Money that was Used to INSURE that COMPENSATION is AVAILABLE should their(Worker[) JOB be Eliminated by the Employer.

    This is How Unemployment INSURANCE Works. 🙂

  3. Wildwitch says:

    Guess who – who got it started?

  4. WuLi says:

    Well, I know I thank the Democrats for shipping our Cumberland County jobs to Camden! Thirty plus years, and Cumberland County has the highest unemployment, under their watch! so, WW, I agree – we can thank the Democrats for the scarcity of employment here!

  5. I Know says:

    Yeah, the democrats…. just give people other people’s money and they will vote for you. Too bad true Democrats like Zell Miller don’t exist today. The party has been hijacked by socialist-progressives.

    Tell me…. how many kids shovel snow or cut grass to earn money? Paper routes? Give me a break! Kids are handed everything and have zero accountability.

    That;s what is wrong with the d’s. Buy votes and continue the poverty cycle. Nice feather to stick in your hat.

    Even STILL not Wayne

  6. Wildwitch says:

    Wow I know you sound more like a Dem them a Republican.

  7. John Davies says:

    The Camden County Machines wins because he uses the Voter Machines that are manipulated and changed before they get to the floor.

    Push the button, a vote for the Republican Candidate flips to the Democratic Candidate. This is how they win. There is only ONE Superintendent of Elections in Camden County and she controls the votes. She’s a democrat. There is NO ACCOUNTIBILITY. George steals the votes like a kid in a Candy Store and nobody investigates. DUH

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