Barruzza to challenge election results

As Magazzu Watch reported in depth, there was an attempt to defraud the election with hundreds of improper absentee ballot applications. Add to that the history of election machine tampering, and one is always left uneasy with the “official results”, especially when the controlling party is covered with Camden sleaze.

Last night as the results were coming in from the voting districts, the Republicans had cause for optimism. The numbers were looking favorable, and at one point the numbers showed Farabello, Taylor in the top three and Barruzza with a solid lead over the incompetent Sheriff Bob Austino.

Then something happened. Calls came in that Vineland had problems with some of its voting machines. What sort of problems? Was a someone called to swap results and erase the evidence as apparently occurred in the Fairfield Twp election earlier this year?

Now the Press of Atlantic City says that Mike Barruzza is considering challenging the election result, as provisional ballots are being counted.

Vote totals posted by the Cumberland County Board of Elections show incumbent, Democratic Cumberland County Sheriff Robert Austino leading Republican challenger Michael Barruzza by 485 votes —11,592 to 11,107.

County Republican leader Robert Greco said the provisional ballots are likely to favor Barruzza because many are from Republican-leaning parts of the county. Republicans could make a full challenge to the sheriff’s race if those provisional ballots close the gap between Austino and Barruzza, he said.

Doug Long is implying that for a person that possibly won to actually want the job is sour grapes. How pathetic.

Doug Long, co-chairman of the county’s Democratic Party, said he could understand Republicans challenging the sheriff’s race results because of its closeness. He said its likely Democrats won’t make any election challenges.

“I’m not into sour grapes,” Long said.

Hey Doug – you guys WON most of the seats – and by a significant margin – your statement is utter bullsh*t in that you have no REASON to challenge.  If your party had maintained its own house, you would STILL be the majority! And that single fact, I have to assume, is the real impetus behind your malicious and vindictive lawsuit against this website and me; a blatant attempt of intimidation and harassment. For the record, I am rooting for Barruzza! He needs to challenge EVERY provisional ballot to ensure that the voters voted only once, that they are not fourteen years old, that they are not convicted felons ineligible to vote, and that they actually RESIDE in Cumberland County.


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  1. Rico Ricardo says:

    Majority of lawsuit against power broker tossed outA federal judge Friday dismissed the bulk of a lawsuit filed against Democratic power broker George E. Norcross and others in connection with the so-called Palmyra tapes, but allowed one part of the 4-year-old suit to proceed. U.S. District Judge Jerome Simandle ruled that the plaintiffs, Moorestown attorney Ted Rosenberg and Palmyra Mayor John Gural, failed to demonstrate “any harm to their “business or property’ as a plaintiff is required to show under the federal RICO laws.” Rosenberg and Gural filed suit under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act, one of several actions they have taken in recent years in an attempt to show that Norcross and others, including Gural’s employers at the time, conspired against them. While siding with the defendants on most points, Simandle declined to dismiss Gural’s contention that Norcross and R. Louis Gallagher II, the Burlington County Democratic chairman at the time, interfered with Gural’s job at the JCA engineering firm. The judge set a 45-day limit for discovery on that claim to be completed.In December 2000, Gural went to the state attorney general, alleging that he was being pressured by Norcross and others through his employers at JCA to fire Rosenberg as Palmyra solicitor. Gural agreed to wear a recording device for the attorney general, which he did until February 2001, secretly recording Norcross, Gallagher and others, including his bosses at JCA, Mark Neisser and Henry Chudzinski.The attorney general declined to indict anyone in connection with the allegations that Gural was first threatened, then bribed to fire Rosenberg. Gural and Rosenberg charged a cover-up and pressed in both state and federal court for release of the tapes. The tapes were eventually released, revealing, among other things, Norcross bragging about his influence over political leaders at every level of government. On Friday, William Tambussi, the lawyer for Norcross, hailed Simandle’s decision as vindicating his client. “After six years of sensationalized allegations more dramatic than claims of sightings of UFOs and Elvis Presley, the federal court justly threw out the baseless and groundless allegations,” Tambussi said. He called the remaining claim a “technicality” that should easily be disposed of. Neither Gregg Zeff, the attorney for Rosenberg and Gural, nor Gural could be reached to comment. Rosenberg declined to comment, saying he had not yet received or read the decision. Zeff argued as part of the RICO suit that in order to show the financial damage the RICO Act requires, he needed to depose Norcross and his fellow defendants. In terms of financial harm, at least, Simandle denied that plea, noting that despite discovery that was ongoing for two years, the plaintiffs “presented no evidence of a concrete financial loss due to defendants’ actions.” “Instead,” the judge noted, “plaintiffs’ brief offers excuses, promises, generalities and rhetorical questions.

  2. Wildwitch says:

    I can’t believe how clueless some people are…do you read the crap you post? Why would the Dem’s be the ones tampering with the machines, it was Dem’s that contested the votes. Once you know what the problem was in Vineland I hope you feel a shamed of yourself for crying like a little girl.

    Your ranting & raving about wife beaters in the last post, calling them cowards when your counter part has a history of it. You make absolutely no sense. You’re constantly contradicting yourself.

    Magazzuwatch has NO class…do you see Save Jersey complaining about the suit on their blog? It’s just sad.

  3. CBKennedy says:

    Was hoping for a bit more diversity in the representation of Cumberland County. Politics is a very ugly game….and there is no shortage of ugly in Cumberland County….or poverty…..or stupidity…. More than a little disappointed in the outcome Tue. Night.

  4. WuLi says:

    @WW – you have NO CLUE! Cindy Zirkle switched from R to D and ran. She was an outspoken advocate opponent of Lou Magazzu, he HATED her.

    This administration is STILL riddled with Lou advocates.Lou was not beyond throwing another D under the bus (Aronoff, Casella, et. al.) merely for revenge.

    Plus – in a county controlled by D’s, with an Election Board CONTROLLED by a high ranking D, it would be impossible for R’s who did not have any position of influence to get that close to the computer and make the switch!

  5. CBKennedy says:

    @WuLi, ???? Zirkle an advocate or detractor of Lou?.. I know she switched, she used to be very Republican ( I presumed to get elected ) Did she basically keep her ideology but just put a “D” after her name so she would be electable in this County? After the results on Tue. Night I am convinced that CC residents would vote for Joseph Stalin if you dug him up & sat him next to Wheelan & Musso. And bonus— he’d be the prettiest one in the group….

  6. WuLi says:

    @CBK – sorry – still waiting for my morning coffee to take effect – opponent!

  7. CBKennedy says:

    @WuLi—know the feeling : ). Also, I noticed that once the Zirkles switched, s/he came out in strong support of Wheelan. Makes me wonder @ her, like she’ll just do whatever she wants to get what she wants. No scruples, no backbone. Ugh, I am really disgusted with all of them @ this point. The only glimmer of hope is that Wheelan isn’t in charge of the freeholder board anymore–so hopefully some things will begin to change up.

  8. WuLi says:

    The benefit of Gruccio winning Lou’s seat is that the D’s lose out on the benefit of a Lame Duck freeholder board. You know that if Dunkin’s had won that seat, and the R’s had won one of the others, The D’s would have wrecked havoc between now and December 31, leaving the R majority next year a mess to clean up.

    In all the news stories, Whelan keeps whining and whining about how bittersweet it is – they won three of the four damned seats and he whines and cries like a spoiled brat.

    How about some dignity?

    They are worried because for a little over one year, they lost control and will not be able to ship jobs up to Camden! They can’t help fulfill the Norcross agenda of dumping all of Camden trash into this county in exchange for tons of money in their campaign coffers.

  9. Guess-Who says:

    If what was said to me Tuesday Night is any indication, The R’s are pissed about the Results of this Election besides the Leadership in the Party.

    Being out spent 3-1 by the D’s, Not getting enough People involved, Having Candidates that couldn’t Win, were just a few of the Topics that were being Discussed with me after the Election.

    Some in the Rep. Party wanted to talk to me about issues & others did all they could to avoid conversation Tuesday Night, all the while a few claimed they would be getting in touch about the Future & the Direction at the Local Level.

    I read that Gov. Christie revels with Cumberland & Salem County Victory of a Rep. Control Freeholder Board, yet he had NOTHING to do with these County’s during the 2011 Campaign.

    The Gov has AVOIDED this County and will NOT come to Cumberland County for a Town Hall Meeting.
    I have tried three time with his (Gov) SJ Representative & the Mayor of Vineland & Millville to have the Gov do a Town Hall Meeting in Vineland or Millvile or Cumberland County, NJ, No Go from Gov. Christie.

    Remember this is NORCROSS County, Opps I mean Cumberland County, NJ where the rest of the State sends their Trash, Houses their Criminals, is the easiest place to get Welfare Assistance, just to name a few.

    Unemployment above 14.5%
    State, County, City Roads that are a JOKE in the CONDITION they are in.

    Promises Promises Promises is all that these Politicians have done for how ever many years during a Campaign, yet after the Election they are L{.}{.}King to make sure those that are connected are getting what they want.

    Have a Gr8 Day,

    ps: The Tuesday Nov 15th Freeholder Work Session should be an Entertaining Event at the Business Administration Building 🙂
    The Public should EXPRESS their CONCERNS

  10. […] votes, they could narrow the margin enough to cast doubt on the original count. As I reported on a couple days ago, there was a problem with some of Vineland’s voting machines on election […]

  11. John Davies says:

    The state so badly botched its investigation of a tough-talking Democratic power broker that the federal government would not be able to prosecute him even if he broke the law, United States Attorney Christopher J. Christie said in a letter made public last Wednesday. The scathing rebuke of the state Attorney General’s office for its handling of an investigation of George E. Norcross III includes accusations of legal missteps and alludes to an effort to protect political figures and manipulate evidence. The letter, dated Tuesday, states that ”a federal indictment is not appropriate now, in part, because the state investigation was materially hampered by poor oversight, inexplicable strategic decisions and a failure to fully develop potential evidence.”

  12. John Davies says:

    Report: NJ Voting Machines Easily Hacked

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) ¯ The electronic voting machines used in 18 of New Jersey’s 21 counties can be hacked into in as little as seven minutes and manipulated to alter votes or fix elections, a new report by a Princeton University professor shows.

    The report, by Andrew Appel of the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton, was released Friday following a hearing in an ongoing lawsuit to void the machines as unreliable.

    “The AVC Advantage is too insecure to use in New Jersey,” Appel concluded of the machine he tested over the summer. “New Jersey should not use any version of the AVC Advantage that it has not actually examined with the assistance of skilled computer-security experts.”

    Appel, a computer expert, tested New Jersey’s most often-used touch-screen voting machine over the summer after questions arose about the accuracy of vote totals on some machines used in the Feb. 5 presidential primary.

    His tests involved two machines that were used that day, including one that malfunctioned, said Penny Venetis, a law professor at Rutgers School of Law-Newark and co-director of its constitutional litigation clinic. Venetis represents the Coalition for Peace Action and others who have sued to force New Jersey to scrap its 10,000 electronic voting machines and return to paper balloting.

    “We want these machines to be decommissioned. Enough is enough,” Venetis said.

    “The landmark is that for the first time a 100 percent independent review of the technology took place,” said Irene Goldman, chairwoman of the coalition and one of the plaintiffs. “Everybody should be very happy there is a report that tells the truth about these machines.”

    With a trial date set for January, millions of New Jerseyans will vote on those machines in the Nov. 4 presidential election. Venetis said at least 20 states have banned touch-screen voting machines similar to those used throughout New Jersey.

    New Jersey has tried for at least three years to address critics concerns by retrofitting the machines with printers that provide paper receipts. Voters could check their choices against what the machine recorded.

    However, the state has missed several deadlines for retrofitting the machines because of technological glitches.

    The case got a boost Friday, when Superior Court Judge Linda Feinberg authorized the release of Appel’s critical report.

    Appel said the machines, manufactured by California-based Sequoia Voting Systems, contain design flaws that could allow votes to go uncounted and cartridges that can be manipulated to change votes.

    Sequoia disputes the findings.

    “Throughout our report response, we show how simple, established, and previously used accuracy and security protections … make the items in their report next to impossible,” company spokesman Edwin Smith said. “Many of the scenarios painted by plaintiffs depend on the existence of crooked, malicious, and corrupt poll workers, while the success of some scenarios depends on both corrupt poll workers and inattentive voters.”

    The New Jersey Secretary of State’s office, which oversees elections, did not respond Friday to a request for comment.

  13. angie says:


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