Republicans control freeholder board in Cumberland County

Mary Gruccio beat out incumbent so-called reverend James Dunkins in the local freeholder race.  Even fraudulent absentee ballots apparently can’t change the outcome of this race. Mary should be sworn in this morning, if the D’s play by the rules. They usually don’t in Cumberland County.

Magazzu Watch takes full credit for finally switching control of the freeholder board, and for this, I have to appear in court on November 17 to defend my rights of free speech. Doug Long, a co-chair (apparently he wasn’t man enough to be a full chair) of the CCDO has his law firm suing me, and harassing and intimidating me in a futile effort to silence free speech in Cumberland County.

In fact, his lawsuit refers in part to “Too Much Media” as part of the argument to shut down this blog (this is NOT an  Internet Message Board) I suppose because he feels there is TOO MUCH FREE SPEECH”.

Unfortunately we re-elected an incompetent sheriff tonight. It was a close race, and I am still not confident that the polls were not rigged like they were earlier this year to reverse the results. I know that no intelligent person could ever pull the lever for Austino. I understand that he was complicit in my questionable treatment last year in a civil situation ( I was refused the right to contact my attorney), and that Balicki also was a participant.

I once considered Balicki a friend, but since he went on the radio and bragged about suing me (and, I know he never reads this site) he is now in my radar.

I am going to focus on public officials that beat their wives and girlfriends. That has always seemed to me to be a mark of a coward. Of course, I will take this whatever way the leads lead me.


7 Responses to Republicans control freeholder board in Cumberland County

  1. Wildwitch says:

    Baaaaa you take full credit, that is too funny!!! Okay, we’ll let you believe that.

    This statement I find very interesting :

    ” I am going to focus on public officials that beat their wives and girlfriends. That has always seemed to me to be a mark of a coward. Of course, I will take this whatever way the leads lead me.”

    Didn’t you go after Jannarone for doing that?

  2. Guess-Who says:

    The Election should be CERTIFIED Monday Nov 14th, 2011 or sometime early next week 🙂

    IS there a Challenge going on at this time of the Validity of Votes for certain Candidates ?

    Will there be any Surprises in the Coming Days pertaining to the Election in Cumberland County ?

    7-0 for the D’s 3 years ago to 4-3 last year, Now 4-3 R’s next week,
    CHECKS and BALANCE have been put in PLACE.

    Next year an INDEPENDENT needs to emerge as the BEST OPTION for this County 3D’s-3R’s & 1 INDEPENDENT.
    There will have to be COMPROMISE from both Sides 🙂

    You Remember this from Freeholder JJ Don’t U,

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  3. Annastacia says:

    So, do you take full credit for the 10 seats lost by the R’s? Don’t worry, the only seat that DID win is a one year term, control will be lost next year when they take them all over. Will you be responsible for that as well??? Bravo!

  4. Guess-Who says:

    LMFAO at the Newbies that are so called Experts here on Magazzuwatch. 🙂

  5. Annastacia says:

    There you go with the Newbie comment again. In no way is ANYONE on here an expert. Even you “loyal followers”.

    Depsite that, being a newbie does not constitute a classification into any specific level of intelligence.

    Technically, the ONLY thing it does prove is that we have lives that do not consist of constant stalking and bashing of any newcomers for your own pathetic, self-reassurance that you actually serve as a benefit to society. Keep saying it to yourself, maybe it will someday come true.

    You want to make your opinion, and I will make mine. You are no expert, sir. FAR FROM IT!!

    Oh and by the way,..I would LOVE to see one story that can be written without the cheap, immature, repetitive, sarcastic, bullsh*t allegations that you oh so need to add spice to your unconfirmed, fictitious claims. We get it, you are getting sued and we get it, you hate Doug Long. When is the news going to start that you repeatedly claim you offer? I don’t believe I see ABC, NBC or FOX pulling your tactics. Justice will be served.

    ANNASTACIA IS BACK!!!!! (Well, of course for a short time. I do in fact have a life.)

  6. Guess-Who says:

    L{.}{.}Ks like some might NOT be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY with Magazzuwatch & its Users.

    Is someone TALKING to Me in this Thread ?

    Sounds like another CLUELESS accusation of mumbo jumbo doesn’t IT ?

    Don’t U just Love-It when it’s pointed out This & That 🙂

    What does this mean in the above comment, I do in fact have a Life ?

    Anyone else having FUN, I know that I am having some FUN 🙂

    I hear the Waves are going to be really Big with the storm off the Coast.

    Wait-n-See what comes NEXT from those that want to ASSUME or be the KNOW-IT-ALL 🙂

    It won’t come as any SURPRISE that these few are here only to have something to do.

    I have been ask by more than a few Individuals, WHY do U bother to HELP make CHANGES in the County of Cumberland, I never give them an Answer to that Question!

    Enough is Enough from the Camden Machine in this County,

    156,000 Cumberland County Citizens Deserve to have a VOICE in the Future of [y]our Community as a Whole.

  7. One thing I would like to see is NO CONTRACTS for Dept. Heads and to put qualified and compent people in charge. If you don’t like it then move on there are alot of qualified people in Cumberland County. Lawyers ,too many of them on the pay roll. With the help of our good employee’s ,a good strong dept head they will be able to weed the bad and lazy ones out. So good luck to the new MAJORITY.

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