CCDO Whelan and Long cronyism still haunts Cumberland County

Archer and Greiner, attorneys from Norcross Country are big time contributors to the Democrats in Cumberland County, including a generous donation to Tony Surace. They are a holdover from the Magazzu days, and still are raping Cumberland County taxpayers with exorbitant fees for legal work that could be done by local law firms. But the modus operandi of the CCDO is to outsource as many jobs as possible to companies that are located anywhere but Cumberland County.

Bill Whelan and company gave Archer and Greiner the contract for $25,000 for the legal work on the sale of Cumberland Manor in July. Now Archer and Greiner is demanding another $50,000!

In addition to voting on whether to begin the bidding process in the sale of Cumberland Manor, the county freeholders next week will consider a resolution providing $50,000 more toward the Haddonfield law firm that has been hired to guide officials through any potential sale.

The resolution would increase the amount of money paid to law firm Archer & Greiner by $50,000 for additional services, according to officials.


Freeholder Tom Sheppard wasn’t pleased with the increase.

“We started out with $25,000, and now we’re increasing it by $50,000 (for a total of $75,000) — that’s a 300 percent increase,” said Sheppard. “Whose estimate was the original $25,000?”

County Administrator Ken Mecouch stated it was his.

Enough said…

While the debate continues over the benefits of keeping the manor versus selling, it seems that the CCDO has figured out a way to siphon more money out of Cumberland County and into Camden County.


2 Responses to CCDO Whelan and Long cronyism still haunts Cumberland County

  1. Vince Whalen says:

    last week the CCIA awarded this same firm, Archer & Griner, $25,000.00, it was published in the NEWS.

  2. Elections says:


    […]CCDO Whelan and Long cronyism still haunts Cumberland County « MWatch[…]…

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