Why are our property taxes out of control?

Bill Whelan and Tony Surace lie to votersThere was an article in the Daily Journal today about a local school superintendent taking medical leave through the month of December, just before she takes an early retirement.

Superintendent Maryann Banks is taking a medical leave that will have her out of her office through the end of December, according to a memo sent to school district officials.

The medical reason was not disclosed. She could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Banks’ memo, dated Tuesday, was forwarded to district administrators through email by her secretary Virginia Reyes on Wednesday afternoon. The Daily Journal obtained a copy of the memo Wednesday afternoon.

The announcement of her leave came one day after Banks informed School Board President Tom Ulrich of her plans to file a notice of retirement tentatively effective April 1, 15 months before her contract with the district expires.

I must first qualify my take on this story. If Ms. Banks is terminally or seriously ill, that would certainly qualify as extenuating circumstances. And she would be in our thoughts and prayers.

However, as is too often the case in municipal and board of education jobs, employees save up their sick days and use them to pad an early retirement. I know for a fact that this is the case with a City if Millville retired employee, as well as some former County employees.

In the private sector, sick days are just that – five days per year to use when you are sick. you cannot carry them over or save them up. They are not a perk, vacation time, or to be used for early retirement. Now other employees will have to struggle to take over the duties, since Ms. Banks cannot legally be replaced until she officially retires.

And that is huge problem with public employment, and the immense costs that drive up property taxes. So, you ask, what does this have to do with MWatch? This affects Vineland taxpayers and the Vineland School Board. Which brings me to…On election day the CCDO spent a ton of money to have “volunteers” walk the streets and leave the door-hangers that you see to the right. In Center City, Millville they basically succeeded only in littering the streets – thank you Tony and Bill for the litter blowing down Sassafras Street!

The flier is basic political BS – but there is one huge lie that is the reason I held onto this piece of trash. Item two claims that this team is going to “IMPROVE OUR SCHOOLS”.

Tony Surace was a teacher, so he knows this is a blatant lie. Bill Whelan is a banker, but he has been Freeholder long enough to know that our schools are controlled by the local school boards, NOT the Freeholders. They can talk, but there is really no action within their power to “improve our schools”.

And this, in itself, proves that they have absolutely no intention whatsoever of doing one thing to improve the the quality of life in Cumberland County, unless that just happens to be an unintended consequence of their own selfish actions. Empty words – that is all that promise is.

In over thirty years of their control, county government spending INCREASED astronomically. Our local boards of education are about the only entity to hold the line, with absolutely no input from the Freeholder board. Economic Development and Job Growth – well that is just friggin’ hilarious! We boast the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT in the state – thanks to CCDO control! Quality of life? That’s rich! Most children on welfare, highest teen pregnancy, lowest standard of living, and the highest percentage of people that claim this is the worst place to live! Children’s future – not when their every intention is to make Cumberland County nothing more than a cesspool for Camden. And finally – Protect our Tax Dollars. Under Magazzu and Whelan – County taxes skyrocketed while they sent our jobs and money to Camden County.

So words are easy to print, especially when you have some think tank in Washington DC that has never met the candidates let alone been to Cumberland County do your campaign literature. And here we are stuck with three freeholders that campaigned on lies – fervently fighting to shut this website down and rob the public of the one voice in Cumberland County that questions their motives and actions – and they will have a voice for three more years.  if they cannot tell the truth on printed material that they distribute, lies that are so obvious, can we really trust them when they make empty promises from the dais of the freeholder board? I’ll allow you to decide.

2 Responses to Why are our property taxes out of control?

  1. As an artist, you must agree with the fact that is one nice looking door hanger. I seen many hangers in my time, but this one you are showcasing is by far the best. I feel the creases give it some character.

    Do you think it would be prudent for you to auction off those door hangers instead of your art? I for one would be more likely to bid on the door hanger.

  2. WuLi says:

    @Vernon LMAO! You know, I never considered that. I may just take you up on that offer! Unfortunately I only have one – but then, that makes it all the more rare!

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