Can I Sue the Bridgeton News for Libel?

The Bridgeton News is first online with the story of the court hearing today. What is interesting is that no newspapers had reporters in the courtroom. And the News never even tried once to contact me, even though they have my information. So much for in-depth reporting – god only knows who gave them the info for this article. I can testify in court that their story is not first-hand. I wonder what that hand was doing at he time? Probably stroking Jack Hummel’s ego.

The Press of Atlantic city actually did contact me today, so their article hopefully will be less biased than the Millville News. Millville News skewed several facts in their rush to get out the story – facts that are easily checked , but preferably omitted in their attempt to appear non-biased – as if they actually cared about such things.

However, I must thank them for printing the following – which are items that I was prohibited by court (or else I would be in jail) order from speaking about courtesy of Doug Long, Bob Balicki and our Cumberland County Democrat leadership:

Cumberland County GOP Chair Bob Greco has submitted a letter to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office regarding the first 20 rejected applications, stating: “One application was completed by a 14-year-old minor, and another application was completed with the address of a resident from the City of Newark, other applications were completed with his signature or voters claiming forgery of their names and applications submitted by individuals who are currently on parole and/or probation of felony convictions.”

These are facts that I was denied the right to talk about by court order. My 1st amendment rights to question questionable activity durng an election were curtailed. And I have learned a valuable lesson, Free Speech is NOT Free.


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