Our Christmas Wish List

Thanksgiving is over, and we have much to be thankful for. We can be thankful that even with dirty politics, our elections are cleaner than Egypt‘s. Even with an incompetent sheriff that has a tendency to lie, we can be thankful that we don’t live in Pakistan. And even though I live under the threat of a retaliatory lawsuit by Bill Whelan’s keepers, I don’t live in Syria. As bad as the county government has been in this county, and it has certainly been atrocious and suppressive to anyone that dared ever open their mouth, we still enjoy an environment where we are free to run a website such as this, and to to speak somewhat freely.

So in this spirit, here are some things I would like to see under the county Christmas tree this year – in no particular order.

OEM/911 Call Center – I would like to see the majority begin investigating what really goes on behind closed doors, and explain to the taxpayers why we have to foot the bill for thousands upon thousands of dollars for lawyers. The county needs to allow the person that is the focus of four federal investigations foot the bill, and also demand an explanation from the freeholders that supported his hiring.

Voter Fraud – I would like to hear Bill Whelan, Tony Surace, and Reverend Dunkins justify their paying somebody for submitting absentee ballot applications for people that are 1)not county residents, 2) not of voting age 3) and from people that say they never even signed the form? Why do you think this is acceptable behavior?

Manor – I would like to see true bi-partisan partnership that balances protecting the county taxpayers with protecting the county employees, many that are loyal and have worked there for decades. I would like an assurance that a sale, if it does happen, is not just a one-time band-aid. I would like assurances that the safety-net programs funded by PEER money will be safeguarded and alternative funding is found that does not increase property taxes.

Forensic Audit of County Purchases – In keeping with their campaign promises (both parties) to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money (team Whelan, of course, lied on their campaign literature, claiming that they would control educational spending when they all know that the freeholder board has nothing to do with controlling the board of education, so hopefully every other promise wasn’t a blatant lie, also) and work towards a forensic audit of county spending. For instance, look into the allegations of  nepotism in the purchase of a generator for the OEM/911 Call Center. The generator, of course, required a ton of money to get working after it was purchased.

End Pay to Play – Put a stop to ALL variations of pay-to-play, beginning with the nefarious transfers of funds from one county party to another as a way of avoiding pay-to-play laws. The time is now to insist that NO company ever be hired or contracted if they have a history of one-sided partisan donations, no matter where the money wen in the state.

Put Cumberland County to Work – Yes, freeholders cannot create jobs. But – Tony Surace who owes a lot to Camden politics must PROMISE to put Cumberland County firms and jobs FIRST. I don’t care HOW MUCH the Norcross machine funded your campaign – MWatch will be watching EVERY transaction and making a fuss every time jobs are shipped out of the county. Whelan, too, MUST make amends for the many jobs he voted to ship to Camden and Gloucester counties. Doug Long, who makes a living in those counties, should be forced to  step down as co-chair, as he is nothing more than a Camden County plant to control Cumberland County politics. He does not have the interests of local taxpayers at heart, but is a traitor to the part he claims to lead. His first duty leading the CCDO after Lou Magazzu’s departure was to take the local election even deeper into the gutter than Lou ever imagined possible.

Happy Holidays, folks. Feel free to add your wishes in our comment section.


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