Why are we still hiring from Camden County?

Disturbing news in the Daily Journal this morning. I was hoping that with a new party in the majority rule, that this sort of nonsense would cease; but it was announced that upon Dave Mulford’s retirement, T. Joseph Pontani from Cherry Hill, Camden County would be hired as County Purchasing Agent at a salary of $72,000.

T. Joseph Pontani of Cherry Hill was appointed to serve as purchasing agent for three years, starting Nov. 28. He replaces Dave Mulford, who plans to retire, effective Dec. 31, according to County Administrator Ken Mecouch.Pontani’s annual salary will be $72,000.

His resume includes a stint at the ethically challenged University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. A good thing – I have not found any history of political contributions in his name. But it is still a shame that $72,000 every year for three years will be taken out of this county and spent in Camden! Are the freeholders trying to tell me that in a county with the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT rate in the state, that they have to hire somebody from Norcross territory? Cumberland County doesn’t have even ONE qualified purchasing agent?


13 Responses to Why are we still hiring from Camden County?

  1. CBKennedy says:

    Discouraging indeed—hate that, but there may be one mitigating factor— don’t purchasing agents,especially those handling public funds have to have specific certifications and courses?? Perhaps no one qualified here. I know that CC has the highest unemployment and that is historically associated with substandard education. If Mulford is retiring it would seem that they would have ample notice to have a local ” waiting in the wings” who could step in, at least temporarily. But,this is speculation only— I don’t have first-hand knowledge of the procurement process in the County. It would have been nice if they had used some foresight, though.

  2. WuLi says:

    As far as I can find in state law, a purchasing agents is only required to possess a “valid Qualified Purchasing Agent certificate, as issued by the New Jersey Division of Local Government Services, Department of Community Affairs.” Of course, the county would be free to add other criteria such as experience – but that has never been a factor in previous appointments – i.e. Don Olbrich et.al.

  3. WuLi says:

    This is interesting. Our hire from Cherry Hill was formerly employed by American Income Life Insurance in Atco, NJ. This company is owned by Eric Giglione Associates. Guess what – Eric has been a contributor to the Monmouth County Democrats as well as Stephen Sweeney’s campaign.

    Now many readers are asking, what is the big deal? maybe he was the only qualified candidate.

    The problem arises when you have a county employee with loyalties outside the county – all of a sudden we could see purchases below a certain threshold and not subject to scrutiny go from local companies in Camden County, hurting local businesses and residents in the process.

    I am not claiming that I have evidence that Mr. Pontani is anything but scrupulous, I am basically raising questions based on over thirty years of unscrupulous county government.

  4. CBKennedy says:

    @ cWuLi—you raise some very important concerns—thnx for the clarification.

  5. Wuili I asked the same question I was told only one application was received. I also believe he has to be a Cumberland County resident within one year.

  6. Wildwitch says:

    This is the so stupid!!! You seriously are hard up to find something wrong here, doing your investigative work to find the connection!!! I guess you didn’t notice that only 14% of the county have a Bachlors., which I’m sure is a required. Seems logical to me that it might go to someone out of the county.
    Alex, why would they have to live in the county?
    If I were MWatch I would stop snooping around on people and only write about facts that you can prove.
    I would also stop bashing people that are not in the public eye or politicians anymore or you’re going to need to raise more than $5000 for your attorney. Now this is just my opinion.

  7. WuLi says:

    I wasn’t bashing anybody – just stating PUBLIC RECORD – and the last time I checked, it was still legal in Cumberland County to state facts.

    Now – please quote YOUR SOURCE for the fact that a Bachelor’s Degree is REQUIRED for the position of Purchasing Agent. Apparently you have some inside information – or maybe you are just tossing in misinformation.

    The state of NJ REQUIRES ONLY a state certification for the position. It is NOT that difficult of a job, trust me.

    Why are you ans your buddies so scared of this website? After all, you said that nobody reads it?

    The lawsuit to which you refer is what is called a SLAPP lawsuit – strategic lawsuit against public participation. It is an illegal move to shut voices that disagree with a political power.

    The CCDO has tons of money – and they are flexing their arms proving that they are not afraid to spend a ton of money to shut up any voice of dissent. They intend to send a chilling message to everybody in the county that no opposition will be tolerated.

  8. I Know says:

    Well ww, I am a proud born and raised Cumberland County resident and US veteran and I also I have a Master’s degree. I’ve put my education to good use and will continue to do so. I guess I’m even more rare than most of our residents according to you!

    Does Wayne?

  9. Wildwitch says:

    I know…a Master Degree in what, how to write LMAO or F…you because that’s all you seem to write.

    Here you go WuLi my source:

    Purchasing Certificate Programs
    Securing the necessary products and services for a local or international business is an ongoing duty, and continuing education is important in a purchasing profession. The purchasing management certificate is primarily designed for professionals seeking management positions in their current career. Professionals who currently hold purchasing management or agent certification can put the continuing education hours (CEH) they will gain towards recertification.

    The curriculum introduces new professionals to industry areas including procurement, logistics, contracts and finance. These programs will also build on the professional knowledge in purchasing topics such as negotiation, cost management and ethics, and provide them with up-to-date industry information. Students can typically complete the program in less than seven months and graduates are awarded the internationally recognized certified purchasing supply management (CPSM) certification.

    Education Prerequisites
    Students should hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree prior to admission into a purchasing management certification program. Some may also require prerequisite courses in mathematics, science or business, as well as professional experience in the field.

  10. Wildwitch says:

    Oh no WuLi did you hear the latest…Norcross paid of Regis so that Kelly Ripa would have her own show!!

    Hahaha…..Get it Kelly Ripa is Cooper Hospitals spokes person & Norcross Is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Cooper.

    Hahaha I crack myself up!!!

  11. WuLi says:

    LMAO WW you are funny! Actually, I DID laugh. Really. I am glad you can keep it light,

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