Joe Veight gets raise, taxpayers pay

Joe Veight, long-time Lou Magazzu ally, just got a $5,000 pay increase on the backs of taxpayers. Veight is a slumlord, and has a spotty past in Cumberland County politics – and somehow he usually ends up profiting. The latest hub-bub is about a questionable pay raise on his “greedy” salary as township administrator for Fairfield Twp.

You have to bear in mind that the CCDO, under Lou Magazzu, branded any salary above $75,000 a year as “greedy” and an affront on taxpayers. But apparently some pigs are more equal than others, and Veight received an increase of $5,000 on his already obscene $90,000 a year salary.

Also, bear in mind that the median HOUSEHOLD income in Cumberland County is a measly $48,958, significantly lower than the state average of almost $70,000 a year. That is FAMILY income – and this one person is earning(we use that term lightly) almost twice that? Cumberland County has the highest unemployment in the state,  apparently the only way one can get a job here is to be politically connected.

The News of Cumberland County reports:

Brought on by public comment at Tuesday night’s township committee meeting, the township’s solicitor will research a disputed salary raise approved for administrator/clerk Joe Veight.

Two of the five committee members were absent when the $5,000 increase — approved for passing state exams — was voted through at a work session meeting.

Joe passes a test, and now he gets a $5,000 a year raise – when a majority of senior citizens int his county are living on a fixed income with no increases other than in expenses, and he thinks this is okay. This is a purely selfish move on Veight’s part, to accept an insane salary in an impoverished area. nobody benefits from this move except for him. just more proof that it is business as usual in Cumberland County.



6 Responses to Joe Veight gets raise, taxpayers pay

  1. I hate to say this but most of the people in Fairfield are hard core Democracts and where did it get you. Untill the voters start voting for the best people and not who they are told to vote for will it ever change. Nobody knows who you vote for so start thinking outside that box. Then will your township be a better place.

  2. john q public says:

    I wonder if they are Democrats due to their belief in the moral aspect or if they are mostly on the receiving end of the entitlements gravy train and don’t want to see it come to an end under a Republican run system.

  3. WuLi says:

    The gravy train won’t end under a Republican system, unfortunately. Just different people get to to partake. I wish it was not that way, but from what I see, I really don’t believe there is any change.

  4. john q public says:

    True, but I think the motivating factor is still the same.

  5. CBKennedy says:

    … the new boss, same as the old boss….

  6. Calhoun says:

    And along those same lines CB, the more things change the more they stay the same.

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