As you know by now, the CCDO is not happy with this website. And, we have not really been happy with the level of (non) support from the CCRRO.

A recent news article from the News outlined the campaign donations and expenditures from both parties in the recent Cumberland County elections. the Democrats received a significantly larger amount of monetary donations than did the Republicans. So much for the “party of money…” And money plays a way too large a part in any election. Those with money get more, those with less, well they lose.

According to finance reports filed by the candidates 20 days after the Nov. 8 election, which detail how much was raised and spent in the final 11 days prior to Election Day as well as how much was raised over the whole campaign, the Democrats in the freeholder race outraised their GOP opponents $203,518 to $122,472.

The sole reason that the local Republicans gained control, for a short while at least, was that a prominent Democrat was forced to prematurely vacate his seat due to moral impropriety.

I find it interesting that one of the biggest donors to the CCDO, a Gloucester County law firm that also controls the CCDO is the biggest single contributor, and also behind the current litigation that is attempting to shut down this website and to deprive us of our constitutional right of free speech,

Their largest supporters in the last days before the election included the Woodbury law firm Long & Marmero, the professional home of Cumberland County Democratic Co-chair Doug Long, which contributed $2,500 to Surace,  $2,000 to Freeholder-elect Carol Musso and $2,500 to outgoing Deputy Freeholder Director Jim Dunkins.

Imagine a preacher, no longer a viable voice in county politics thankfully, working to deny 1st amendment rights (1st amendment also protects freedom of religion) to anybody!  What is most disconcerting however is that a lion’s share of funding to the CCDO came out of the county. FROM the same law office that is trying to shut down this web site. Fortunately I have almost hit the $3,000 mark towards my legal defense fund. I need $5,000 just to start. And the most telling evidence of the true believers in Cumberland County government is that the majority of the donations came from registered Democrats and former Democrats that are now Independent.

However, back to the main point; I have constantly pointed out to Cumberland County residents the fact that the local Democratic party receives an inordinate amount of money from sources that have no stake in this county, other than the possibility to receive benefits at the expense of county taxpayers. So I am even more disappointed to learn that the Republicans, too, resorted to taking in outside money to finance their campaign.

The GOP freeholder candidates left no money on the table, and left the campaign with no remaining balance.

Their largest individual contributions in the last days of the campaign included $3,000 from Tammeisha Smith, an insurance agent from Columbia,; and $2,000 from French & Parrello Associates, a public accounting firm from Wall.

I don’t know where this “Columbia” is, but I know we don’t have any such town or township or city nearby. At least it wasn’t Colombia! But hey folks, let’s keep this thing real! Our local politicians should be supported and financed by LOCAL people! There is only ONE reason to accept outside money, and that is to ship local jobs and commerce outside this county. That does not help anyone here!

Anyway – money throws elections. If now is not the time for election reform, we will never see representation BY the people, FOR the people.


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  1. WuLi says:

    One more thing – I want to thank ALL of the local Republicans that have generously supported me in this lawsuit, when I know that many have sacrificed. My angst is directed towards those that have directly benefited, even though this website was never intended to be used as a political tool for them to gain. The sole purpose of this site was to expose political corruption in this county. The purpose now remains as it always did, to ensure that CUMBERLAND COUNTY gets a fair shake and that cronyism becomes a dirty word regardless of who is in power.

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