Court Date

I received notification that the court date has been set for Friday, January 27, 2012 at the Gloucester County Courthouse, time to be determined. We have filed a Motion to Dismiss, or alternately a Summary Judgment in our favor.

While I am posting, here are a few tidbits. I was informed that the County Roads Department received legal notice that there will be a lawsuit concerning sexual harassment in that department. As we know, a generous and long-time supporter and party hack was given the job to head the Roads Department, despite the fact that he had absolutely no experience. His experience basically amounted to virtually bankrupting his business. Can you say “patronage”? It seems that Olbrich is just as incompetent at running a county department as he was with his own business.

So this recent disclosure brings the number of sexual harassment lawsuits against the county to how many?

And while we are on the subject of patronage – why is the law firm of Long Marmero & Associates, 44 Euclid St., Woodbury, also  the firm of  CCDO chairman Doug Long, one of the law firms that  are on contract with Cumberland County?  As our fans are aware, this same law firm is doing the bidding of Freeholder Director Bill Whelan in pursuing a ridiculous lawsuit in an attempt to shut this site down. It seems we have been an embarrassment to the local elected leaders for far too long, and in an act of desperation they want to shutter this site prior to next year’s election where they stand to once more regain control of the county.


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