Court Date update

I heard from my attorney today. The oral argument on our motion to dismiss  the SLAPP lawsuit being backed by the CCDO chairman Doug Long and with the blessings of the CCDO freeholders (their silence on this speaks volumes) has been scheduled to be heard in Gloucester County Court at 9AM, January 20 (Friday).

Let it be known that the Democrat Freeholders of Cumberland County by their refusal to comment support restrictions on political speech. They demand the right to engage in questionable electoral activity without impertinent “bloggers” making their support of these actions public.

Several readers of the site have mentioned an editorial in today’s Daily Journal about bloggers and journalism. I wrote an essay on my own blog with my own thoughts.


2 Responses to Court Date update

  1. ??????? says:

    Seems more like the case is being driven by Van Drew than the freeholders. Van Drew always hides in the weeds.

  2. WuLi says:

    The chair of the CCDO,Doug Long, has his law firm, who is also retained by the Cumberland County freeholders, taking this case. I would think that Van Drew, if anything, would be pushing to have them pull out since he has to realize that HIS emails and phone records will be the first things requested during discovery.

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