Landfill options – a lot of trash talk?

Freeholder Director Bill Whelan suggested that the county sort of privatize the landfill.

Freeholder Director Bill Whelan has recently … (suggested) … to offer the operation of the landfill to a private entity in exchange for a down payment followed by regular annual payments.

The private company will then be entitled to any profits made by the landfill.

“It’s not the same as selling it outright,” explained CCIA Executive Director Don Rainear.

“The idea is to trade operation of the landfill for cash to use for economic development in the county,” added Rainear.

That sounds good at the outset; quasi-governmental agencies such as the CCIA too often are used for nepotism, providing jobs for family members and political cronies. To even the uneducated observer, this is clearly the case with the current make-up of the CCIA.

However, leasing the landfill space is only one part of the puzzle. What then happens to the CCIA itself? Any part of this package, for it to be truly fiscally responsible, must also include the dissolution of the CCIA. The political patronage jobs must be dissolved, and let the political appointees get patronage jobs in their own county of residence.


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