Kirstein to be Freeholder Director

This coming Tuesday, when the Freeholder board meets to reorganize, Carl Kirstein will be made Director. Personally, I would rather see somebody that has shown backbone and the willingness to question the status quo, such as Sam Fiocchi, take the lead. However, Kirstein does have a proven ability to work in a bi-partisan environment, forging partnerships. That is an important trait, and critical if the county leadership is to move forward. Practical compromise is probably more important when you have control than pushing through your agenda like a bully. Cumberland County has had thirty years of heavy-handed tactics by the party that was in control, and we are in a mess that may take decades to clean up as a result. The Republicans have one year to prove that they can get the job done, and to show a provable change in direction, or else they will lose the tenuous lead they gained this year.


2 Responses to Kirstein to be Freeholder Director

  1. baba says:

    The new LOGO is nice but isn’t it supposed to be 2012?

  2. WuLi says:

    As per my calendar – it is still 2011… 🙂

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