Whelan looks back

There is a nice although very telling write-up about Bill Whelan in the News today. I find it amazing that when politicians realize that their party is now in the minority, they begin to polemicize the importance of “bi-partisanship”.

“We’ve had a year loaded with challenges, and the future also has challenges,” said Whelan. “I think that I maintained a bipartisan atmosphere, and remain sort of calm, and I think we need to have a way of bringing all seven participants on the board into the discussion.

“I think that’s very important and I think I tried to have everyone have their say.”

What Whelan doesn’t say, however, is as revealing as what he does say. Last year, three candidates were elected.

“There’s going to be a new director, but it’s still going to be some of the same people on the board — it’s a good board of freeholders we have, and that’s why I’m so glad to have Carol (Musso) and Tony (Surace) coming on,” said Whelan.

Mary Gruccio, the candidate from the opposing party, does not even merit a mention or a welcome. I fear that what Whelan says in public is very different from what he does when the boardroom doors are closed.


3 Responses to Whelan looks back

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Things are going to CHANGE, I can Feel IT 🙂

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Time 4 a Song/Tune:

  3. baba says:

    still like Whelan.

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