Bill Whelan is whining because things are not being done the way he wants them done.

Whelan stated he had no prior notice of which specific positions the freeholders would discuss at the special meeting.

“Last year, this is not how it worked,” he added. “I am extremely disappointed.”

Hey Bill, guess what. When you were director, you got to do things your way. Next year you will get the chance at it again. Until then, atop sounding like sour grapes.

Bill is upset that he wasn’t included in the decision to announce a special meeting that would call on all freeholders to review the appointed and hired heads of county departments.

The Cumberland County freeholder board announced it will convene a special meeting on Thursday, Jan. 12, 5 p.m. at the county administration building to discuss and possibly vote on department head positions.

The announcement stated the freeholders would be targeting the following positions: director of public safety, director of the office on aging, director of public works, Cumberland Area Transit System (CATS) division head, county mental health division head and others.

“We’re going to be asking all of the freeholders where they think some consolidation can happen, and see if certain individuals are doing their jobs properly,” said newly appointed Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein on Wednesday. “These are at-will positions, all appointed by the freeholder board.

If you had performed due diligence prior to making some of the hiring decisions, the current freeholder majority would not have to be making the difficult decisions of cutting or replacing the, per the state of New Jersey “unqualified” Jack Surrency. If the OEM/911 Call Center wasn’t under the leadership of a person that has been a lightning rod for federal investigations, this might not be necessary. If people were not appointed into positions merely for being political contributors, such as Don Olbrich, and rather hired for qualifications – you might have read an entirely different article in the newspaper.

Of course, if any positions see a change in leadership, MWatch will be as critical and questioning of the qualifications of any new appointee.


4 Responses to Changes

  1. baba says:

    Yes but two wrongs don’t make a right,

  2. I Know says:

    “Last year, this is not how it worked,” he added. “I am extremely disappointed.”

    Yeah Bill, we all know how it worked last year. And the years prior. The Cumberland County taxpayers were disappointed. What did you do about that?

    You were given the spot as Freeholder Director to try to regain credibility of the position in light of the failed prior leader’s behavior. You failed to make a stand. You failed to act. While you’re a nice man, you’re weak. You couldn’t even make a stand on ethics guidlines for public servants.

    So, No, it’s not the way it works because that was last year and we all saw how it worked. In case you haven’t noticed Bill, it’s 2012.

    Kirstein is a stand up guy. I wish him well and hopefully he’ll be around for a while. But if he falls short he can expect to be called on it if and when it happens.

  3. baba says:

    Yes but two wrongs don’t make a right,

  4. Why is he winning The Director just set the stage for the next meeting. There were no voting going on. Isn’t that the Director’s job?

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