Freeholders and County drop the ball on Manor Quarantine

Jack Surrency is in charge of the county Department of  Human Services. It was reported recently about an outbreak of a contagious virus at the Cumberland Manor. An entire floor has been quarantined.

Jason Laday’s story in Thursday’s News was the result of an anonymous phone call Wednesday evening. He was told that the third floor had been isolated because 34 of the 55 residents on that floor were suffering with the effects of norovirus, a nonlethal but extremely contagious stomach bug. Four have required hospitalization.

The public was never notified of this danger to the public health. Many county residents have family at The Manor. All of the employees also have family and friends that could be exposed.

The management of the manor as well as the county administrator have a duty to the public to inform us of such a situation, and they failed.

Now the Manor is for sale, and The News is asking the freeholders to add stipulations to the sale.

Doesn’t a health emergency at a local nursing home fall in the public-interest category?
If the county really does go ahead with selling the Manor, we expect them to make it very clear to the new owner that any such outbreaks are to be reported to the public in a timely manner.

That would be hypocritical, for the county Freeholders to demand that a private buyer live up to a standard of transparency that they themselves refuse to abide by. It is going to be an interesting year. It seems that the new majority is just as inept as the old majority. I really hope that they would prove me wrong.


5 Responses to Freeholders and County drop the ball on Manor Quarantine

  1. Guess-Who says:

    With the 3rd Floor of the Cumberland Manor being “Quarantine” does anyone know IF the County Employee[s] that WORK there are also QUARANTINED ?

    What is the Health RISK to the General Public IF they (Employee[s] are Allowed to Come & Go ?

    This Virus is very Contagious according to Individuals that have Reported on the Situation at Cumberland Manor.

    How many People have Contracted the Virus at the Manor & How many that have Visited this Facility have become infected ?

  2. SillySilly says:

    I understand your point, but I believe the residents (aka patients) have privacy rights under HIPAA that would apply in this situation. I’m a conspiracy theorist, but in this case I don’t think anything was being concealed that wasn’t required to be concealed. I do think the employees and any contractors that may have contact with these patients have a right to know, as well as the families. But not the general public.

  3. WuLi says:

    The residents have personal privacy rights – that is, they cannot be identified and their medical treatments, conditions, diagnoses etc cannot be publicly discussed. However, that does not apply in the case of notifying the public of an epidemic outbreak – no patient is being named. It is the same as schools notifying the public when meningitis is detected among students. The students are not notified, but the public is.

  4. SillySilly says:

    THere is a difference between meningitis and this virus. There is also a difference between the school environment and a healthcare facility. I’m just saying, do we notify the public if there are a high number of XYZ disease showing up at a hospital? Also, as the papers have indicated, the residents involved are on the 3rd floor. THerefore, they can technically be identified, thus invoking HIPAA.

    Look, I understand what you’re saying. I just don’t see this as being as big a deal as it seems. Thats all.

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