John Redkoles resigns

I just heard through the grapevine that John Redkoles, head of the 911 Call Center and erstwhile subject of some rants herewith, has tendered his resigned for that position. Nothing in the newspapers yet, but my source has always been reliable.

Did Jim Matlock drive him out with his rumored legendary rude treatment of subordinates? Or did Redkoles simply see the writing on the wall as the Freeholders are targeting certain departments for consolidation?


2 Responses to John Redkoles resigns

  1. Guess-Who says:

    7 Departments in Cumberland County Gov’t possibly are going to be REDUCED to just 5 Departments.

    L{.}{.}K for others to Resign their Position 🙂

  2. CBKennedy says:

    @MWatch, congrats on breaking the story 2 days before the News.
    I have no idea what that paper does—-sitting around playing angry birds, maybe? Thanks for being a current,reliable news source.

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