Manor employees’ jobs are safe

The Freeholders did the right thing in accepting the lower winning bid (this is one case where the highest bid is generally better)in order to preserve Cumberland County jobs.

The Cumberland County freeholders on Tuesday approved the sale of Cumberland Manor to LTC Management for $14 million dollars, ending a process than began years ago as officials began looking toward selling the public nursing home as a way save money.

The vote to approve sale — 6-0, with Freeholder Tony Surace abstaining — came hours after a public auction in which the Old Bridge company beat two other bidders with an offer of $14 million to purchase the nursing home and retain the existing collective bargaining agreement with its approximately 200 full-time employees.

LTC Management also offered $14.1 million to buy the Manor without retaining the workers’ contracts.

However, that bid was rejected by the freeholders — again 6-0, with Surace abstaining — in favor of keeping the employees in place.

We at MWatch have been following this drama very closely. Nobody likes change, but hopefully the new owners will run the institution in a professional manner while at the same time ensuring continued and uninterrupted employment of local residents.

MWatch will continue to pursue the answers to questions we have asked, such as what will happen to the PEER funds and how will that deficit be replaced; how much will it cost for the temporary move of the prosecutor’s office currently housed at that location; and, how much will it cost to relocate the maintenance personnel currently located there?


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