John Redkoles resigns – the News picks up story

The News finally reports on the story we broke earlier in the week.

One of the six Cumberland County department heads targeted by Republican freeholders earlier this month for replacement has resigned, stating he feels his job security has been pinned to the whims of the political process.

John Redkoles, 911 Emergency Division head, will officially step down on March 1, after serving eight months on the job, according to James Matlock, county director of public safety and the 911 Communications and Training Center.

“For the record, John did a phenomenal job as division head,” said Matlock on Wednesday, speaking from the 911 Center, on Bridgeton Avenue.

Of course, it is politically expedient for Matlock to blame the evil Republicans that are attempting to repair three decades of damage due to severe fiscal mismanagement by the CCDO, the party that has repeatedly put emphasis on being a friend, political crony or family member ahead of qualifications when hiring and appointing for the high paying patronage jobs.

The morale at the 911 call center has never been lower, according to the many reports I get from a variety of inside sources.  These sources have proved themselves reliable over the course of the past year, as my breaking of the story verifies. The 911 Call Center has had scheduling problems, and operated under a culture of fear and paranoia.

Hopefully, if the position is deemed necessary to fill, the candidate will have experience as an effective manager, and will also be from Cumberland County this time.


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