County Updates and miscellaneous nonsense

Things have been fairly quiet in Cumberland County. Most of the news is positive, but what the heck, good news is good news. Freeholder Carl Kirstein reports that Cumberland County received more than $7 million in federal aid for road projects.  That is the bulk of the money that will be required for the projects; the rest will be made up from state funding. This is good news, as it doesn’t come from property tax levies.

“This will be a busy year for road improvements throughout the county,” said Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein. “The August flooding forced us to halt all of last year’s scheduled projects and shift our priorities to repairing storm damage. Now we can get back to regular improvements.”

More than $7 million of the work will be funded by federal dollars. The state-funded portion of the work is still in the bidding process.

Yes, the federal dollars are still tax money – but it is refreshing, for a change, to see New Jersey in general, and Cumberland County in particular be on the receiving end of the trough for a change. Usually New Jersey just dumps funds into the trough and watches other states soak up the funds.

In other news, Freeholder Bill Whelan was appointed to the Southern New Jersey Freeholders’ Association. According to the press release:

The eight member counties that make up the association, whose main purpose is to foster the sharing of ideas, programs and joint ventures between the counties, are Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean and Salem. The member counties pay no dues to participate in the Association.

Carl Kirstein will deliver the State of the County Address on Wednesday, February 22 at the Luciano Family Center at Cumberland County College at 5PM. The link has information on reserving your seat, if so interested.

On a less political front, the Cumberland County Women’s Hall of Fame honored five women this month. I am honored to know two of them personally. Pearl Giordano is ubiquitous at Republican functions. Known affectionately as Aunt Pearl, she has her hands in many pots, volunteering her time and energy towards making the area better for all.

Meghan Wren is founder of the Bayshore Discovery Project.  Her unique vision and skills have been instrumental in the restoration of the historic bayside oyster buildings. Drop by Bivalve on the second Friday of the month and see for yourself. Live music, an oyster raw bar, local art and a history lesson in the importance of the oyster industry in this area.

And, some self-serving promotion… Today was the second installment of Sound Off with Carl Johnson on QBC Channel 2 and WSNJ 1240 AM. Join me every Wednesday at 1:30 – 2:00pm. Today my guest was Millville City Commissioner Dale Finch. Next week I will host Ethan Aronoff. I have exciting guests scheduled weekly.

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