Death Threat?

The Cumberland County Democratic Organization under the leadership of Doug Long (Balicki was just put there to make Long more palatable to decent Dems) failed miserably in their recent attempt to shutter this site through their failed lawsuit against me. Now it seems they are trying another tact.

I received a sealed envelope on my front porch last Saturday morning. To make sure that I found the envelope, somebody, disguising their voice, left a voice message on my cell phone the night before.

If any person wants to discuss any post on this site in a reasonable manner, I would be happy to meet. However, I am assuming this person is implying intent to cause bodily harm.

I find it so amusing that the Cumberland County Democratic leadership is so insecure that they feel they have to go to unethical ends repeatedly in their attempt to silence a website that has been mostly silent of late.

Anyway – Dear Mr. Fix It,

Threats of legal action served only to energize me. Do you really think thinly veiled death threats will give me pause? Bring it on!


5 Responses to Death Threat?

  1. tom rabbit says:

    Please be careful that looks like a nut and there are many of them. Have you contacted the police? did any of your neighbors see who drop the letter off?

  2. WuLi says:

    A report has been filed with the local PD, and they have full permission to stop anybody they see on the property during the course of their patrols. I know most of the street cops on a first name basis, and they will be keeping an eye out. My main concern is not for me but for the safety of my girlfriend, and property damage.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Bring this (LETTER [Threat]) to the attention of the State Police the State A.G. Office & even the Federal Authority (F.B.I.).

    Trying to SILENCE this website or any of the Contributors to this Website, it is only going to RESULT in a more VIGOROUS effort to EXPOSE the PEOPLE that are RESPONSIBLE.

  4. Calhoun says:

    It gets worse Carl. I was there when that sloppy missive was delivered. I had stopped by to deliver a wonderful sixty-four year-old batch of Macallan scotch stored in a beautiful crystal decanter designed by French artist René Jules Lalique (I picked it up last time I was in Ay, France).

    However, while I was dropping the scotch off on your porch, I was accosted by a posse consisting of Ernie, Bert, Big Bird, Grover, Elmo, and Cookie Monster. They worked me over pretty good, and then took the decanter of scotch and passed it around until it was gone. Then they threw the Lalique crystal decanter out onto Sassafras St. where it smashed into a million pieces.

    Once they were done with me and the scotch, they tossed the envelope on the porch and took off east on Sassafras. They walked down to the RR tracks, where a CTW (i.e, Children’s Television Workshop) train picked them up and whisked them away from the scene.

    In all seriousness, what I don’t get is why now? MWatch has been rather quiet and noncontroversial, lately. My first guess is someone who stands to lose from a possible re-organization and possible personnel shake-up in the county departments might be a bit POed. Either that or somene who has been impacted from past postings can’t quite cope with the fact that none of the stuff goes away. It is hard to expunge.

  5. WuLi says:

    Haystacks – you are dead on. I have suspicions of the source of the threat.

    One employee at risk in this shake-up has a history of anonymous threats to employees – untraceable phone calls and such. The moment I posted this letter a county employee contacted me and told me to watch my back (helpfully, not a threat) as they immediately thought that this person is the one behind the threat to my safety. And, this person has access to the highest level of personal information on anyone in the county. Unfortunately, Bill Whelan will do anything to protect this job, and will look the other way at wrongdoing.

    The other possibility, and less likely even though the letter was designed in such a way as to cause misdirection, IMO, is still a possible source. It does fit in with the Atlantic City style politics that Doug Long and Bill Whelan are so proud of introducing into Cumberland County.

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