Wah, wah, wah – the Cumberland county Democrats are crying like spoiled rotten babies now that the power-base has shifted, albeit for likely a very short time. They just cannot endure when the other party does what they have done for years and years with impunity. They are down to the last one nothing but hypocritical wanks.Doug Long, who has absolutely no stake in Cumberland County – heck, the fact that his business base is in Gloucester County is proof that his loyalties lie anywhere but to this county – is screaming the loudest.

Both local papers carried stories about the debate to restructure the county. The Republicans say that three decades of mismanagement have placed us in first place in all of the wrong categories, and Doug Long and Bill Whelan are claiming that we should continue to do the same old thing, that good enough is good enough! No need to examine where we went wrong, the only goal is to regain power so that they can continue to rewards their political hacks.

The News of Cumberland County has a very descriptive article of the power-play.

Democratic Freeholder Bill Whelan harshly disagreed with the measures to open the positions to the application process, calling the entire proceedings, dating back to January, “inherently wrong, unfair and morally wrong.”

Oh, cry me a river, Bill. You don’t care about the ethics behind this – you are consistently silent when your party makes moves that are inherently wrong. You are either too much of a coward to speak up when you see your own people make mis-steps, or you are a total party apologist who will see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil when one of your own is ethically challenged.

Of course, we understand that you will do anything to save the job of James Matlock, despite the manifold lawsuits and federal investigations  that have been launched as a result of his leadership. And I don’t expect Doug Long to care, because his lawyer buddies are making a great profit from defending the County in these lawsuits that never should have happened in the first place.

Tom Sheppard hit the nail on the head:

Republican Tom Sheppard added that he feels it is important that officials make sure that the right people are filling leadership positions.

“There’s been some questions about whether that’s happened in the past,” he said.

The fact is, nobody in these positions had been hired based on their qualifications or experience. Bill Whelan and Doug Long are insisting that Jack Surrency stay, despite the fact that the State of New Jersey sent a letter to the county that stated that not only was he unqualified for the position, but that he was so unqualified that the county is disqualified from receiving matching funds for his salary. So not only did the county Dems appoint a loyalist as reward for years of service, but they did so not only at the expense of the health and safety of every resident but with an impact to our wallets!

The Daily Journal also covered the meeting.

Attorney Doug Long, co-chair of the county Democratic Party, challenged freeholders to “have the guts” to just say they were getting rid of people for political reasons instead of for bad performance.

Freeholder William Whelan, a Democrat and freeholder director last year, spoke at length before his vote.

“I’m just going to say that the people of Cumberland elected each of us individually to serve all of them,” Whelan said.

The OEM/911 call Center has been a frequent topic on this website. EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE cannot be wrong. The entire department is a quagmire of inefficiency and low morale. Add to that the manifold federal investigations and lawsuits, and even Doug Long will have a difficult time twisting the truth to make it appear that this department is running at peak performance. The fact is that Matlock is a long time Democrat party hack who was given the job because of his connections, and not due to any qualifications to running the Office of Emergency Management.  Simply being a cop does not immediately qualify one to manage all emergency personnel and situations in the county.

Whelan is serving nobody by continuing to defend Surrency as head of the Division of Human Services. e has absolutely no qualifications for this position- this is what the State of New Jersey stated in official communications, not my opinion. Bill Whelan is saying that he does not care that the taxpayers in Cumberland County, who he pretends to serve, are now having to pay more money because the County does not qualify for matching funds from the state towards Surrency’s salary.

If Whelan and Doug Long are truly concerned with fairness and bipartisanship – they need  to take action NOW to work with the Republicans and create a system wherein these positions are from this point forward exempt for political gamesmanship. These position need to be filled ONLY by the most qualified person, and political affiliation with the ruling party MUST be removed as a requirement.


3 Responses to Hypocrisy

  1. Calhoun says:

    This whole process is a joke.

    Whelan’s assertion that when they were in power no one was ever removed without just cause is disingenuous. Well, duh, Bill, the Ds have almost always been in power and, thus, most of the positions were already held by loyal connected Ds. Furthermore, those that weren’t may not have been forcibly removed, but it is common knowledge that Lou made life miserable for those who declined to kiss his ass and call it ice cream. And many eventually left unable to take it anymore.

    “Citizen” Long deserves no further comment. His political motives and political posturing are so obvious that anyone that takes this citizen seriously at the freeholder meeting is dumb as a post.

    The Republicans need to quit dawdling and act now on two fronts: 1) the department heads and 2) the ever burgeoning legal fees the county has been occurring. Look, the department head positions are political in that people get into these positions by being appointed by the freeholders who are elected and thus politicians. Figure out who stays and who goes (I already posted my thoughts on this) and do it and then fill any vacant positions rapidly but with proper procedures to ensure the best person is hired regardless of party affiliation.

    Also move quickly to seriously overhaul the way the county gets legal counsel. Right now the county has far too many contracts with legal firms that are politically connected to the Ds. End it, and establish more attorneys on the county payroll. The money being spent (wasted) on these attorney contracts is one reason why the county cannot provide basic services that it used to.

    Also, I just don’t get Mary Gruccio. First in January she sides with the Ds, thus delaying this process. Then this week she goes along with the Rs in starting the process but not without this gem of a comment: “No one’s performance is being judged here — I think they’ve all done a phenomenal job.” Huh?! Well, Mary, now your party cannot make any changes without being tarred as political because you think everyone is doing a “phenomenal” job, and why would anyone remove someone who is performing phenomenally?

    The old phrase “shit or get off the pot” is appropriate here. The Rs have been on the pot since January and it’s time to do something or get off. Also, stop talking so much. There is a time for dialogue but now, when you’re stuck on the pot, is not the time.

  2. baba says:

    I think the R’s listening to Porrecca is enough to make me jump ship.

  3. WuLi says:

    You got that right, Baba. That fact that they would take anything that clown says seriously destroys ANY credibility they had in my opinion.

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