Dean Hawk throws some numbers our way

In the Ben Column, this from Dean Hawk:

“On still another note:
“Did you know how much our county spent from January through December 2011 for legal services?
“Which law firms received the most money from the county?
“Kavanagh, Kavanagh, Dilazzero, Millville — $249,682.49.
“Genova, Burns, Vernoia, Newark — $179,766.91.
“Lipman, Antonelli, Vineland — $144,864.41.
“How does that compare with the amount of money budgeted for our county library or other departments?
“Library: 2010 — $807,000
2011 — $407,000
“How much did we pay for legal services to sell the Manor?
‘So far, $55,000, but still climbing
“Where do the legal payments show up in the budget?
“I don’t know this.
“How are our freeholders planning to reduce these legal fees?
“No answer here, yet.
“A thought to ponder:
“We all seem to comment when we see highway workers standing over a hole in the road (leaning on their shovels).
“A great deal of money is spent right under our noses to a group of law firms.
“In 2011, this was at least 14 different law firms. I am not saying anything illegal is being done; somehow it should be more apparent.
“How are law firms chosen?
“If the lawyers were required to do their business in the street leaning on shovels, perhaps it would be a bit more apparent.
“Might be a valid idea.’’

3 Responses to Dean Hawk throws some numbers our way

  1. SillySilly says:

    Thank you for pointing out that not all the wasteful spending in our county government is because of “greedy” union members. Those who control the purse strings are far more wasteful, but in a far better position of concealing the expenditures.

  2. WuLi says:

    Silly – it only gets better – the lawyers are working hand in hand to ensure that there are absolutely no cuts to their candy machine!

  3. baba says:

    Maybe someone should post a list of all lawyers who got paid for legal work and what it was for. Let the people decide who is getting fat and who is actually working for the money. Ask the special lawyers who are advising the Freeholders for the list. Surely they have a list.

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