County Health Department warns of Norovirus

Not too long ago I posted articles and editorial about the negligence of the County Health Department to warn residents of the Norovirus outbreak at the Manor. Some apologists declared that it was not the duty of the County Health Department to provide that information, I countered that it was more evidence of the county not performing the basic task of providing necessary information to the citizens. Well, this week the County Health Department warned citizens of an outbreak of the Norovirus.

The Cumberland County Health Department is warning residents that New Jersey is experiencing an increase in outbreaks of norovirus, a viral illness that spread through the Cumberland Manor in January.

Norovirus can spread quickly from person to person in crowded, closed places like long-term care facilities, daycare centers, schools, hotels, summer camps, hospitals, family dinners, student housing, restaurants and cruise ships, the health department advised.

Please read this article, as your health and that of your family might depend on it. This is especially important if you have young children in school, or in daycare. Those little bottles of hand sanitizers will NOT do the trick to protect you. Wash your hands properly several times a day unless you relish spending quality time on the porcelain throne.


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