Balancing the budget at the Cumberland County Juvenile Detention Center

The debate is on whether to charge other counties more to detain their juveniles at the county detention center.

Freeholders Tom Sheppard and Sam Fiocchi during Tuesday’s work session pressed county officials to return to the negotiating table and ask for $300 per day, per bed, from Salem, rather than the $275 currently in the contract.

Salem closed their facility. Why? Was it because it was a drain on the county’s wallet? If so, then Cumberland needs to take a close look at what it  truly costs to house prisoners at the facility, and charge an appropriate amount. I don’t care that Doug Long is in bed with the Salem/Gloucester machine – our county should not be giving the other counties hand outs at our expense. If the other counties do not want to pay the $300 a night per bed, let them take their trash to Camden. The less prisoners we have in the county, the better off we are, anyway.

This county has gone to hell in a hand-basket when the Dems welcomed with  open arms more than 1/4 of the state’s inmate population. Granted, well-paying  jobs were needed. However, the PILOT monies from these institutions has evaporated, and now our townships are saddled with albatrosses that bring in zero ratables, and our cities are being invaded by other counties refuse. Gunshots ring out on our street corners, gang activity continues unabated, and our local police departments are stretched to the max. At some point we need to put our feet down and say “No” to more criminals.


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