Cynicism Triumphs

Mango was a frequent contributor to this website during its first couple years, but hasn’t had a lot to say since the downfall of the website’s former  subject. A Democrat with Independent leanings, Mango truly felt Cumberland County deserved better than rule by an iron-fisted tyrant who happened to be a Democrat. And Mango naively believed the county Republicans were more honorable.

The current shenanigans of the Republican dominated (thanks in great part to this website)  freeholder board illustrate how delusional was Mango’s  assumption.  The wholesale firing of Democrat appointees appears major overkill and a ploy in some attempt to “get back” at the Democrats for all the crap they handed out over the years.  Undoubtedly, some of the targets should go, but others do not deserve this treatment.

But Mango is even more aghast at the latest Republican move.  Perhaps they are drunk with power, which they most likely will not long hold on to.  Apparently a fair and collaborative interview process was held for the position of 911 coordinator, there was agreement on the top candidate, yet the Republicans end up offering the job to someone else, one of their party loyalists.  Can anyone say “patronage”?  Wasn’t this one of our criticisms of Magazzu?

Most likely the Democrats will reclaim control of the freeholder board in the next election, and  those given jobs by the Republicans will be replaced by Democrat favorites.  There is no way the Republicans can criticize, as they have made the rules of the game very clear.

Mango, who joined this website effort at its start in the belief that politics could be honorable, had descended into a hopeless cynicism.  I suppose some could say it took long enough.

And so it goes.


11 Responses to Cynicism Triumphs

  1. sad taxpayer says:

    it is equally sad that such a compitent county engineer (with no political ties) would have his job in jeopardy as well. the taxpayers of cumberland county did not have to pay for any storm damage, because of the hard work done by mr. orr and his staff, as it was all funded with federal money.

  2. Calhoun says:

    Welcome back Mango. Love that you’ve become hopelessly cynical with respect to our local politcal scene. Misery loves company you know.

  3. Wildwitch says:

    I’m with sad taxpayer what did Mr Orr do wrong that his job is on the line. Don’t we need an engineer? Seems to me he did a great job fixing all the bridges from the storm damage.
    I think the Republicans are not playing the game very smart. Making all these changes are going to cause a lot of problems for them come Nov.

  4. WuLi says:

    Thank you Mango – you beat me to the punch! I am sickened at the pure political games being played by the elected republicans.

    I made it clear that I believe that people should be hired ONLY on their qualifications – that their political affiliation should have no bearing on the hiring process. I know Gonzalez, and I am sure he will fill the vacancy in a very competent manner. I also am suspicious of ANY process that involves Matlock’s input. However, the MOST qualified candidate from CUMBERLAND COUNTY should always trump any other candidate for the hob – PERIOD!

    AND – no person that is duly qualified and performing their jobs properly (that is, they must now have letters from the state of New jersey stating they are not qualified for the job and their department should not have been a lightning rod for multiple lawsuits, EEOC complaints and federal investigations) should not have to fear unemployment every time the administration changes.

    Unfortunately, I will not defend any one of these new appointments comes next year when they lose their jobs under a Dem majority – and trust me, it will happen. The Republican leadership has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are playing the SAME political games that cause this website to sprout up during Magazzu’s regime.

  5. CBKennedy says:

    I am split on this one. If the positions are appointments, you serve @ the pleasure of whoever appointed you. When the regime changes you should be ready to be replaced. Dust off your CV and get out there, you had a nice ride. You were given the job because of political affiliation and only a naive bumpkin would think that they might not loose it because of same. I don’t want any of these types of appointments in Cumberland County, at all. The County is way too poor to be playing these reindeer games. I think they should eliminate all the positions and build back up from zero—only placing a permanent hire where it is absolutely needed. And @ WuLi, I agree with you totally in theroy, but in practice I think this County needs new blood more than ever. People who aren’t beholden to any political party to earn a living, a pipe dream just as much. What a cluster f¥{% this is turning out to be.

  6. salarysam says:

    There seems to be a little “to the victor belongs the spoils” mentality going on. On the other hand, to the extent these folks got their jobs because of their connections to the old powers that be you’re faced with the “live by the sword die by the sword” adage. Battling adages are never ideal.

    Too bad that the “spoils” belong to the people of Cumberland County. I have a feeling that the need for “spoils” comes from unelected officials in the County Republican Party and the public can’t vote out someone who they’ve never voted in. The Political Boss is an old feature in New Jersey Politics. David Norcross in Camden is the perfect example. Does Cumberland have a Norcross wanna be? Was some of the vitriol the Republicans had for Lou Magazzu just jealousy over his personal power as Chair of the County Party? Remember, the elected Republican Freeholders don’t just answer to the voters who put them in office — they also answer to the political bosses who chose them to run and who pay for their elections. The only hope for an elected official to retain his soul is to become so well known and supported by the public that the party bosses have no choice but to support him too. The party bosses can create such a “monster” but it’s rare and the wise party boss will occasionally force the elected official to do something unpopular to keep them in line. The political boss wants the elected official to be popular — but not too popular. Popular enough to be elected but not so popular as not to need the party money and support to do so.

    What would be ideal for the County is a closely divided Board that swings back and forth between Democrat and Republican control on a frequent basis. That way each side should learn not to go for the throat when they take over since they should realize that the wheel will turn and they’ll be on the bottom soon.

  7. CBKennedy says:

    @salarysam, your right—all vengeance does is create more vengeance.. Ad infinitum.

  8. jackrabbit says:

    ARE YOU All on drugs????? Do you not remember how it was right up to the election? Drive down Delsea and Landis and see the campaign sign still up.The R’s should have loped off the department heads the day the R’s had a majority. This shit has to stop. Grow some balls and sell the CCUA, CCIA outsource everything else and lets get going. If i read Bill Whalen crying like a pussy about the process he should remember his tour as the director and his decisions ” when u have the majority you can make the decisions.” Right Bill, Bill Whalen and the rest of this county D’s should be shot for what they have done to the area for the past 30 years. Do you know what it takes to win an election? After 10 years of eating shit it’s time to clean house and in the process hurt as many D’s as possible. Stop and think they had no problem doing this for years and yes pay back is a bitch and she is carrying a M-16 on fully auto. I have no time for this vacillation about Mr. Orr fire him move on he is not worth a single red cent.

  9. baba says:

    Jackrabbir, You are a sick dude, but accurate. While I think Whelan is worth saving the blood lust is in our veins. Grab the torch and machete and let’s get it on.

  10. baba says:

    Did you read the DJ today? The king is dead, long live the king.

  11. mango says:

    So my point is proven. Surrency was clearly unqualified, but Finch is another matter. He had experience heading the Department, management experience, and his heart is in public service. Feedback from his staff indicated he was well liked, and I never heard negatives about his performance. We shall see how well pulling someone from academia into a government administrative position works. VanSant I don’t know, but replacing her with Sauro’s wife — well, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be patronage. Don’t know about the engineer. Well, the bloodbath may satisfy baba and jackrabbit, but I suppose it means the end of a battle, not the war. I still shake my head in wonder at my naïveté, despite my years, to believe the Reps would be any better. I was blinded by my dislike of Magazzu. As a cynic, I could figure it’s a matter of which set of bad guys gets in. But despite Long and Norcross, I’ll go back to my Democrat roots and support them in the next election. Joe Derella is a serious, smart, and I believe honest, guy. But I’m thinking what we really need is some Independents.

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