No, I have not died. Sorry, Lou…

Last night, at Third Friday in Millville I was approached by several people and admonished for being silent for so long. In my own defense, I started a new job last month. I started on their first day of operations, and am jumping on all of the overtime that they offer. Today is a rare Saturday off.

I am actively recruiting writers for this website in order to add fresh points of view, and to keep it interesting. Look for some new voices in the near future.

Anyway, there has been a ton to write about in the local news. My goal this morning is to write about 5 new articles. Today I am going to probably piss off many of my Republican friends, but I can keep silent no longer.

Patronage is wrong.

For over three decades the Democrats have held an iron fist over this county, doling out jobs to political allies and denying employment to foes. The Republican had right decried the blatant favoritism and cronyism. There is a back story to many of the appointments. Under Lou Magazzu, these jobs were held out as rewards for loyal supporters.

The Republicans get a majority for the first time in years, and they blow it. Hard working individuals have been axed in order to give free rides to loyal party supporters. Hey kids, can you say “hypocrites”?

I know Bill Gonzales, and he is a stand-up guy. He is diligent, and a hard worker. he was hired as 911 Call Center Coordinator.

The Cumberland County freeholders split along party lines to appoint Bill Gonzalez, who ran unsuccessfully as a Republican candidate for freeholder last November, as 911 Center coordinator, over objections regarding process from Freeholder Bill Whelan.

The position was last held by John Redkoles, who resigned in February after the new Republican freeholder majority targeted his and five other positions for a possible change in leadership.

“(Gonzalez) has a lot of qualifications for the job, but we all agreed to a process, and we’re not following that process,” said Whelan, leading the opposition to the new appointment.

“I mean no disrespect, and if he gets the four votes, I’ll do everything in my power the make sure he’s successful. But I was a part of the interview process, and we ranked all of the candidates, and this is not the conclusion we came to.”

Okay, first of all Bill Whelan needs to SHUT UP about the process. He was a major cog in the machine that violated that same process for years. He has absolutely zero credibility with his whining on this subject. I know That I would never do business with Colonial Bank knowing that they entrust this partisan political hack. First of all, how much private financial information of his Republican enemies is he privy to in his position?

Last night I talked to several ardent supporters of the Republican candidates. They approached me. And every single one was upset at the way people’s livelihoods are being played as political fodder.

Bill Gonzales, without a doubt, is qualified for the position he was hired to perform. However, the Republican Freeholder majority needs to remember that they were elected to serve the 157,000 residents of Cumberland County, and not only their party loyalists. A job opening was listed and in the county with the highest unemployment in the state, there were many qualified applicants. The most qualified applicant was denied a job so that it could go to a Republican high level insider.

Different players, but the same tired game. I wish Gonzales good luck in his new job. The 911 call Center is a shambles after years of poor management and a Democratic majority who looked the other way rather than admit that they made poor decisions in hiring.  I hope that Bill has the leadership skills to fix this department. Morale is low, and they need a leader who knows how to administrate and schedule. After, lives depend on this department operating at maximum efficiency.


3 Responses to No, I have not died. Sorry, Lou…

  1. Mike M. Fairfield Twp says:

    Matlock needs a FULL investagation with 911 Center.

    1. How was he hired?

    2. Who did his back ground check.

    3. How much is it costing the County Tax payors In Attorney fees.

    4. How much in Pay outs for the Law Suits

    5. How many threats to the public Citizens has he did.

    6. RS are over looking the same Issue’s as the Ds.

    Can Rs please EXPLAIN.

  2. WuLi says:

    #3 and #4 are what concern me the most. And also family relationships – and his record of harassment problems and or complaints with former employers.

  3. says:

    NJSP internal affairs didn’t have enough paper for his investagations.
    #7. Most NJSP retired in Higher rank. He retired @ 24yrs NOT 25yrs.mmmm// What is that telling you. Demoted several times I would say.

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