Just pay the ticket already…

This site is generally concerned with our County elected officials, and I don’t comment on our Assemblymen and Senator. However, they do represent a large segment of Cumberland County. As such, I feel compelled to comment on Nelson Albano’s idiocy.

What the hell is up with Jeff Van Drew, Matt Milam and nelson Albano? They ALL wield those special license plates as if they were a free pass to break any law. Several years ago, on a 3rd Friday in Millville, Van Drew pulls up to the corner of High Street and Pine and parks in the no parking zone. One of the local police officers advised Van Drew that he was parked illegally, and Van Drew just laughed at him. Really, he mocked a law enforcement officer.

The officer told him he needed to move his vehicle, and Van Drew smarmily replied that he would only be five minutes. I suppose No Parking means No Parking to everybody but Van Drew, who considers himself privileged. Traffic laws do not apply. The officer responded that five minutes is all it would take to have the vehicle towed. Van Drew scowled and abruptly got back into his vehicle and left. Van Drew should be happy that this officer did not necessarily feel like writing a ticket, and gave him fair warning.  Others would have waited for him to enter whatever business he was visiting and left the paper slip on the windshield.

Speaking of 3rd Fridays, Matt Milam received a parking ticket (court appearance mandatory) for parking in a well-marked (I have photos to prove it) handicapped spot. Matt exacerbated the already bad situation by refusing to move his vehicle after receiving the ticket. What the hell, let the handicapped people walk a little further… And then, to make a bad situation worse, he decided to fight the ticket. He received some very bad advice from a local attorney. After the court of public opinion had spoken loudly and clearly, Matt finally pleaded guilty and paid, as he should have done in the first place.

And now we come to Nelson Albano. He is definitely not the coldest beer in the six-pack. I am ashamed that people in this area continue to elect this Neanderthal, he is not bright. He is a one-trick pony. He continues to campaign and live off of the unfortunate and tragic death of his son, and has absolutely no responsible legislation other than Michael’s Law.

Michael’s Law is well-intentioned. Drunk driving kills. nelson and his family have been touched by tragedy that no family should have to face. I know what it is like to lose a loved one, my baby brother was killed in an accident. However, just as drunk driving kills, so does speeding.

So my question to Mr. Albano is just who the hell does he think he is that he should get special treatment when he blatantly breaks the law and recklessly endangers the lives of others? SHAME ON YOU, NELSON ALBANO!  You of all people should know better!

“I remember saying, yes, ‘Can you cut me a break?’ ” said Albano, who has represented the state’s 1st Legislative District since 2006 and opposed the benefit and pension reforms. “ ‘I’ve always supported the state police, I was elected as legislator of the year (by the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association) because of what I have done supporting the police, can’t you cut me a break?’ At that point the trooper said, ‘Here’s the number on the ticket to call the courts.’ That was it. He said have a nice day and left.”

The privileged Van Drew and Milam merely inconvenienced some people with their predisposition towards elitism. You endangered lives. And then you had the audacity to ask the cop to give you a break?  And then you have your union cronies apply pressure on the State Trooper to cancel the citation? And then you launch a vicious and frivolous attack on this officer of the law, who was guilty ONLY of doing his job, and attempt to destroy his life. All this for an $87 ticket and some points on your license!

It takes a total lack of integrity and utter gall to assume that for some reason you are above the law. Pay the ticket already.


10 Responses to Just pay the ticket already…

  1. Calhoun says:

    Amen, Carl, amen. Albano actions are disgraceful. I felt bad when his son was killed in the accident. I supported Mr. Albano when he picketed outside Gary Wodlinger’s office when Mr. Wodlinger brought suit against the estate of his son. I was uncomfortable when he ran and used his son’s tragedy as the centerpiece of his campaign. I became offended when he would continue to use this issue in subsequent campaigns, and when he did an about face regarding Wodlinger and helped him get confirmed as a judge. This latest incident just shows how drunk with power our state legislators are. In this respect, these bozos are guilty of a DWI every time they get behind the wheel.

    The larger issue here is the special plates that our state legislators and state judges are given. These license plates allow there to be an unwritten agreement between law enforcement and our state politicians and judges, which states that these people are to be left alone. By pulling over and ticketing Mr. Albano, Officer Pangborn violated this gentlemen’s agreement. And this led Albano to make outlandish, unsubstantiated charges against Officer Pangborn.

    I propose that Messrs. Albano, Milam, and Van Drew sponsor legislation that would end this gentlemen’s agreement by banning state politicians and judges from getting these special plates. They can call the law “Officer Pangborn’s Law”. However, don’t hold your breath. Our legislators only sponsor feel good legislation, not legislation of some substance and certainly not legislation that might take one of their own unwarranted perks away.

  2. CBKennedy says:

    It is probably just me, but with all the weirdos out there I would never, ever advertise on my license plate that I was a legislator or judge. I think is really strange—I don’t even get why they would want to be that conspicuous.

  3. WuLi says:

    @CBK – you have a point. Even more so for judges – if I were a judge I would not want my address in the phone book, that is for certain. Especially living in this county…

  4. CBKennedy says:

    @WuLi—-so glad you’re back! So what is the advantage of the vanity tags for them other than their own vanity?? Aren’t they supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard and wouldn’t this carry over into obeying traffic laws? I don’t really know much about the tag, are they like the Diplomat tags in DC & NYC, allowing them to pretty much park and drive as they please?? And if this is the case why? The Diplomat plate( and status) is for non- citizens, legislators are US citizens, judges too. I really don’t get it other than their egos are so large and fragile they need something like a plate to feel important??

  5. WuLi says:

    The political vanity plates have long been a perk for any elected official, even local officials can get special plates that indicate they are an elected public servant. To my knowledge they do not have them for judges, but I could be wrong on that point.

    The bearers of these plate have no approved special treatment, but the purpose is clear – to alert law enforcement that the driver is privileged and should be given a break,

    Fortunately there seems to be an epidemic of LE ticketing politicians of late. The smart politicians pay. Nobody ever accused Albano of being bright.

    I agree with Calhoun that these tags should be discontinued – elected officials are pubic servants, but it seems all too often public office is a bog ego trip and an easy way to line one’s own pockets and receive special treatment.

  6. mango says:

    With respect to the above, we know that at least Magazzu was a pubic servant.

  7. Calhoun says:

    Judges are not given special plates per se but I believe they can obtain special seal that can be affixed onto the plate indicating their status (see the following AC Press article from last year for more details: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/press/atlantic/different-drummers-egg-harbor-township-man-has-never-ending-license/article_7aae93b8-8ff5-11e0-84f2-001cc4c002e0.html).

    And CBK, as the above article makes clear, these special plates do not make it clear to your average Joe that a given car is registered by a legislator or a judge. However, talk to anyone in law enforcement and they will tell you that all officers know thow to translate the Pig Latin on license plates well enough to identify someone as a legislator or a judge, and that ticketing these people may result in problems for the officer.

    Who know why Pangborn ticketed Albano. Maybe he was unaware of the unwritten code, or maybe, as Albano asserts, he had an axe to grind with the assemblyman. Or maybe, just maybe (I hope), he is an honest guy who refuses to play games. Nonetheless, the fact remains that Albano was speeding, and he should have just paid the damned fine rather than crying like a baby.

    Furthermore law enforcement is not blameless here and also deserves criticism. I don’t know if it still is the case, but back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s it was common practice for law enforcement officers to have access to fancy embossed PBA cards. One was to be presented to an officer when you were pulled over for speeding or whatever. What usually happened after that was that the officer would let you go with no citation but he kept your “get out of jail free card”.

    I knew people in law enforcement back then and had my stack of these cards and they saved me a couple of times from getting speeding tickets. (I used the saved cash to buy bottles of booze as gifts.) I wouldn’t use them today because I realize the corrosive effect such favoritism has (and I have no supplier). However, even back then, when I had and used these cards, I would never squeal like Albano did had an officer written me a ticket even though I presented him with a PBA card. Albano’s whining reminds of dope addicts who go to the cops when their dealer gives a bad batch of dope.

    Like Carl stated earlier, Nelson ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He’s also a few sandwiches short of a picnic. You might say his elevator hasn’t reached the top floor. Nelson’s a few cards short of a deck. As Foghorn Leghorn used to say, I say, I say, Ol’ Nelson’s about as sharp as a bowling ball. He’s about as smart as a sack of rocks. When it comes to Nelson, the gates are down and the lights are flashing, but the train ain’t a comin’. He sure isn’t the brightest crayon in the Crayola box. He’s all foam and no beer. No grain in the silo. If you gave Nelson a penny for his thoughts, he’d make change.

    Nelson, just pay the damned ticket and go back to Shop-Rite. You and Matt Milam can go to the bar and cry in your beers about the “BS” (Matt’s term) tickets you both received. Call Jefferson and maybe he’ll sponsor some legislation making it a crime to enforce any law on any sitting lawmaker. You can call it the “Do As I Say, Not As I Do Act”. Once it’s passed (Christie will no doubt sign it because everyone now knows that he, like Corzine, now takes orders from Norcross) you guys can go back to ignoring the laws that the rest of us have to obey.

  8. Calhoun says:

    Just read Mango’s comment. Heh, heh. Pubic servent indeed!

  9. CBKennedy says:

    @ WuLi & Calhoun, I read th link, but I have been in attendance @ events,( some political, some non- profit ) where the assembly was clearly stamped on the bottom of the plate. It wasn’t coded or anything.

  10. WuLi says:

    @CBK – correct. The NJ Senate and Assembly are marked as such, as is US Senate and House. Local pols, however, get special numbered plates called courtesy plates. Don’t look for this info on the state of NJ websites – apparently the pols don’t want you to know they get special treatment. However, from Wikipedia:

    Courtesy Plates are issued to individuals with political connections. The plates are in an ABC 1/ABC 12 or 1 ABC/12 ABC format and range from 1 to 20. Courtesy plates may also be personalized with the owners 3 initials appearing before the number of 20 or less. If not personalized, then the individual is issued a standard Courtesy Plate, where the first letter is a county code, the second letter is the first initial of the vehicle owner’s name, and the second letter is the initial of the last name of the vehicle owner.

    Courtesy plates must be approved by a State Senator from the county that corresponds to the first letter on the plate being requested. Plates starting with the letter T can be approved by any senator, while those starting with D, O, Q or X are not available.

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