More static about Nelson Albano

Letter to the Editor: Albano’s Arrogance is Costly

Source: Press of Atlantic City / April 21, 2012

Regarding the April 16 story, “Assemblyman alleges ticket was retribution”:

Unfortunately, Assemblyman Nelson Albano’s arrogant altitude is exceeded only by his stupidity, thinking that he has a right to speed and endanger my life, my family’s life and the lives of other innocent people on the road.

Then he compounds the act by calling the State Police to make an unfounded accusation that the state trooper who stopped him only gave him a ticket because of his presumed voting record. He admits to speeding, but complains that the trooper treated him like a criminal by issuing him a ticket and pointing out the phone number for the court?

Please, give me a break. The only thing Albano has succeeded in doing is defaming a member of our State Police. Arrogant people such as this should never be elected to serve our state to make the laws that they are so quick to break.

Now, because of this assemblyman’s arrogance, the State Police have to waste money to conduct an investigation of this incident. Pay your ticket, assemblyman, and stop wasting our money.

Lower Township

And even more…

Nelson, Nelson, Nelson …

Assemblyman Nelson Albano, D-Cape May, Cumberland, should have manned up and immediately taken his punishment when he got a speeding ticket. Set an example. Take it like a man. It’s my experience you have to be really moving to get a ticket in this state.

Doesn’t Albano remember what happened to former Gov. Jon S. Cozine? Speed kills.

The trooper who ticketed Albano was only doing his job. The assemblyman should have been honored he was treated like all us average speeders.

Albano should have taken his medicine and not tried to use his “Get out of jail free” card.


And yet more – Carroll: Legislators Shouldn’t Get Special Breaks on the Road

Assemblyman Mike Carroll, the Morris County Republican, mentioned that he had gotten a speeding ticket last month in the town of Pennington. Carroll said he was driving home when he thought he’d take a look around that lovely little town. Big mistake. He ran into a radar trap and was ticketed for going 42 in a 25-mph zone.

Carroll didn’t try to talk his way out of it. He just took the ticket. I’ve heard unconfirmed reports that other legislators have been ticketed as well recently. If so, that’s fine with Carroll.

“If they’re not going to give us breaks, who can complain?” he said. “To my way of thinking, we’re nothing special.”



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