Cumberland gets increase in bed rate at Detention Center

Kudos to Sam Fiocchi for looking out for Cumberland taxpayers. He argued for a larger increase in the bed rate charged to other counties for using the Juvenile Detention Center.

The two counties will pay Cumberland $254 per bed, per day, for the period of Jan. 1 to March 31 of this year, and $275 for April 1 through March 31, 2013.

While the two resolutions enjoyed majority support from Cumberland County officials, Freeholder Sam Fiocchi objected to the payment amount in the agreements, issuing the lone dissenting vote for both.

“We’re basically doing it for really nothing — it’s flat, although I guess, before, we were losing money,” said Fiocchi.

“While I understand it’s important to maintain a relationship with our neighbors, I think Cumberland County should come first.”

Wow, putting Cumberland County taxpayers first, what a concept. I would hope the other freeholders would catch on to this idea. Doug Long, chair of the CCDO, has an allegiance to Gloucester and Camden Counties – heck, he won’t even have his own law office located in Cumberland County but he pretends that his candidates really give a damn about Cumberland County?

But back to the detention center – at least the county will be breaking even by the end of this year. Perhaps next year the pricing can be structured in such a way that we make a bit of a profit. After all, if the other counties don’t like the price, let them build and maintain their own detention center.


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