Watch Bob Austino lie – and he keeps a straight face.

Doug Rainear blasts the Republicans – then he was the first to stab the taxpayers in the back and demand a pay raise that he campaigned on not taking. Then he turned face after the tide of public opinion nearly crucified him. Now Austino is taking a massive and “greedy” pay increase after Bill Whelan calls them “men of  character”. Bill was happy to exploit this salary roll back because it wasn’t fair to Cumberland County taxpayers. Bill doesn’t have any comment now. And you would trust this man to run your bank?


7 Responses to Watch Bob Austino lie – and he keeps a straight face.

  1. CBKennedy says:

    Ahhh,blast from the past, and thanks for reminding us all just how much of a slovenly women Jane Jannarone is, blech…… And really, don’t these guys understand the internet?? Pretty basic, once it’s out there guys, it can go anywhere, especially to bite you in the a$$ if you are lying…..can they really be this arrogant?

  2. WuLi says:

    @CBK – yep, they really can be that arrogant.

  3. baba says:

    It was Lou that started this crap. Remember Gloria? Glass houses and stones you know.

  4. WuLi says:

    Gloria never campaigned on taking a low salary or claimed that anyone earning more than $75,000 was “greedy”.

  5. john q public says:

    I wonder if the other appointed people of his department got their full salaries too. I also heard that several county administrators were given about twenty thousand dollar raises each this year also.

  6. Calhoun says:

    What I don’t get is the Rs’ timidness in the responses. Both Kirstein and Sheppard addressed the issue and were not really critical. I find that odd. If Austino had planned all along to take the higher salary then he had a duty to say so during last year’s campaign, and he clearly did not. Yet, the Rs say next to nothing.

    In fact in general the Rs locally really don’t seem that engaged politically. They ran a terrible county campaigh last year, losing four of the five county positions (three freeholders seats, sheriff’s seat) that were up for grabs. The Rs also ran lousy campaigns for state senate and assembly seats in southern New Jersey. They never appealed to the growing divide in the D party (i.e., those who follow Norcross, those who don’t) by running ads critical of Norcross. Furthermore, Christie has been complementary of George Norcross and his brother, State Senator Donald Norcross. More recently Christie defended Albano regarding his recent speeding ticket controversy.

    I am becoming increasingly convinced that Governor Christie and state and local Republican leaders are content being the minority party, and are simply angling to get whatever crumbs the Ds can throw there way…or, in the case of our local Rs, taking full advantage of their temporary majority status by doling out as much patronage as possible.

    It’s a pretty pathetic strategy. Rather than run campaigns that seek to change the current politcal landscape by exploiting the divide in the state D party and challenging for votes in urban areas, where Ds win by huge majorities even though the standard of living in these areas continues to decline, the Rs just sit on their arses and do nothing.

    I admired Greco when he was going up against Lou. However, it now seems that maybe the goal was to get his wife a job. Well, Robert, mission accomplished. However, without a radical change in strategy the Rs will no doubt lose their majority on the freeholder board in November. But hey you can always crow that you got your R cronies jobs (albeit temporary) in county government.

    Oh, and whereas the Rs let Austino off the hook regarding his salary grab, you can be damned sure that come election time the Ds will not be so charitable. Look for Long and company to hammer away on Greco’s wife getting a job as well as all the other political appointments. Politics ain’t beanbag. The Ds know that; the Rs apparently don’t.

  7. baba says:

    Agreed. MW needs to re-focus. Unless MW is ONLY a Republican blog it needs to identify the problem and focus on it/him.

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