DJ lashes out on the greesy Austino

Nice editorial by Frab Reilly in the Daily Journal about Bob Austino’s “unilateral decision” to give himself a $32,500 pay raise.

When Bob Austino ran for sheriff four years ago, he absolutely pledged — honest-to-goodness politically promised us all — that, if elected, he would happily serve for a “mere” $75,000 salary. His opponent, the incumbent, was then earning a state-mandated salary about $20,000 higher than Austino’s gracious offer. This, Austino said, was an outrage, unconscionable, an offense against the sensibilities, not to mention the pocketbooks, of his fellow Cumberland County taxpayers.

As freeholders are looking for ways to cut spending, Austino thumbs his nose at the struggling citizens, suddenly having a change of heart, and deciding, what the hell, I will rob the struggling citizens blind out of pure greed

Candidate Austino was especially contrite: “People are struggling to pay their heating bills,” he bleated, “and to take a hundred thousand dollars of their money is just the wrong thing to do.”

Sp here we have it. Sheriff Bob Austino says clear and plain that he thinks to take this extra money is wrong. But he is willing to do wrong – and we still trust this clown to run the highest law enforcement office in the county? He needs to be run out of town on the rails, and ANYBODY that supported him MUST be held accountable for their silence during this escapade, also.



10 Responses to DJ lashes out on the greesy Austino

  1. baba says:

    There is nothing “nice” about Fran and his pseudo editorials are usually crap. Most times Fran complains about abuses he is famous for doing himself. Ask Fran when he did anything that didn’t financially benefit him directly or indirectly.

    Beating this dead horse is nothing more than a diversion from the fact that the R’s are doing the same thing as the D’s on most every front. What is the message here? Throw Austino under the bus but make like an ostrich when his opponent is given another financial plumb job bringing his net income well above Austino? MW has lost it’s reason to be and obviously its time to move on. I support MW for what it was originally but clearly the battle has been diverted to the wrong battle.

  2. WuLi says:

    Well all-knowing baba – apparently you know what is good for everybody. As long as MWatch suited your purpose, it was fine. but now that it doesn’t, it’s time for people to head your every word and obey your every anonymous command.

  3. lurker454 says:

    As “not nice” as it is, It’s still the truth. I don’t agree with what the R’s have done either, but that doesn’t change the fact that promises were made and then ignored. I think it just goes prove what kind of person the voters have foolishly put into office. But sadly it looks as if the good ole boys playbook is still being used by both parties. It’s very sad, but it should not be ignored.

    Austino is clinging to the notion that he didn’t lie because he only made that promise for his first term. That’s a technicality at best, worthy of a slimy defense lawyer looking for a way out for a d-bag client. The truth of the matter is that he deceived the voters. He might not consider it a lie, but I do. It’s the spirit of the concept, not the literal translation that counts. Austino stood up and said he’s do the job for less and that the republicans were being overpaid. Now’s he’s got his pig snout in the troth of the taxpayers money just like the people he accused of being greedy. At least the republicans like mike barruzza didn’t mince their words like the political shape-shifter that austino apparently is.

    It’s just plain disgusting knowing that he’ll be getting 32 thousand more dollars for the next 3 years. That’s about 90 thousand dollars of money gotten through Political underhandedness.

    Thank you Bob for showing everyone what’s really important to you. Now we see the real you.

  4. Calhoun says:

    I am not following baba’s two recent posts. Baba, in my most recent comment, I was critical of the Rs for not being critical enough of the Ds and their hypocrisy regarding the salaries for surrogate and sheriff. I think the promises they made were gimmicks, and, in as much as the money comes from the state, I would just as soon see that money come to the county, even if it is in the form of an elected official’s salary (although I despise these double dippers’ collecting fat pensions and fat salaries at the same time). However, Rainear and Austino campaigned on this gimmick and both have reneged (although Rainear then reneged on his initial reneging). They, and others like Whelan, went along with Magazzu’s gimmickry and yet now we’re just supposed to let them off the hook!

    I don’t disagree with baba’s assessment of Fran Reilly, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day and this is one of those cases. Reilly is largely a partisan pol, although he did kiss Lou’s ring (or o-ring if you’re into slang) when Lou was at his zenith, and I believe Reilly. Nonetheless, this website has published plenty of posts critical of Reilly, so just because it doesn’t do so this time is not evidence that this site has lost its way.

    Whereas Reilly is a largely partisan R, who will in some cases be chummy with a D (like Lou) if there’s something in it for him, baba strikes me as a partisan D, who doesn’t mind criticism of Magazzu because of the damge he did to the Ds locally. However, other criticism of local Ds is met with stiff resistance.

    Party loyalty often gets in the way of logical consistency.

  5. Calhoun says:

    Having defended Reilly in my previous post, I will lob a couple of “petards” the columnist’s way.

    1. Everyone who follows this knows that it was Lou Magazzu who was chiefly behind this gimmick, as well as the initial criticisms of the row officers’ salaries. So, why no mention of Lou in Fran’s column? Perhaps Fran doesn’t want to admit that one of his allies was at the center of this nonsense. After all, Fran encouraged people to give to Lou’s NACo fund.

    2. The New Yorker used to run a piece called the “Omnipotent Whom”. The thrust of the piece was to expose people who, attempting to sound fancy, would use the pronoun “whom” when the more common “who” was actually correct. Too bad this column is gone as Fran delivered a good “Omnipotent Whom” bit, his use of “whom” actually being incorrect and “who” being correct. I don’t fuss about grammar much, except when one is trying to sound fancy and the big “petard” Reilly was trying to sound fancy.

  6. baba says:

    seens we have touched a sore point. The all knowing Baba says I know it all and consequently you all need to listen up. Magz was bad for the county. He was bad for very specific reasons. Now the R’s are doing the same thing. Sooo, Baba says, is MW a force for good or just another partisan political waste of words? I liked it better before. So did you Wuli. So says Baba.

  7. WuLi says:

    baba – you seem to be fairly partisan in the selection of posts that you read on the Watch, or maybe selective memory? Go back to before Austino’s debacle and READ! I thin k I was fairly clear on my stance when it came to the personnel issue. I blasted Fiocchi for failing to make the library meetings, especially grievous when the R’s made issue of D’s doing same.

    Now if you have an agenda against any specific person and want to go after them, feel free to start your own blog. or, comment, and name names here. There is no censorship unless legal or ethical lines are crossed.

    Hell, I have been trying to talk Haystacks into accepting a sign-on and posting his stuff himself. He is a D in case you haven’t guessed. I have another friend that I extended that offer to, who is Independent bordering on Anarchist.

    Don’t even pretend to know what is in my head. I have stated clearly and succinctly that I believe the R’s are acting as disingenuously and in a self-serving manner as bad as the previous party of occupation.

    And come November I have an announcement that will likely shock everybody except those very close to me. And yes, my prediction is that the R’s give up their tenuous majority – and it is their own fault. They have proven that it is politics as usual in Cumberland County no matter who’s the boss…

  8. CBKennedy says:

    @ Calhoun, too funny & a little off-topic– but, with the petard quote, reminds me of the Veep pilot that just aired on HBO, they use the pun, “hoist by our own retard”… Hilarious show, Julia Louis-Dreyfus @ the top of her game imo.

  9. Calhoun says:

    @CBKennedy, and still off topic. Yeah, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is a real talent, and in my opinion the most talented of the Seinfeld cast. Seinfeld is too one dimensional and too full of himself. I remember watching a Seinfeld reunion on Oprah (I hate that show, but was trapped in an airport) in the mid-2000s. Oprah asked him why he bought Billy Joel’s Hamptons house and then promptly gutted its interior. Jerry matter of factly stated that he did so “because I can”. P.U. Jason Alexander went on to be a Jenny Craig sponsor. Blech. And Michael Richards went on a tirade during a stand-up routine blasting hecklers with the n-word. Ugh.

  10. WuLi says:

    And – still off topic – Julie Louis-Dreyfuss has the cutest butt of all of them…

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