County Freeholders hold the line on budget

The county freeholders are set to vote to hold the line on the budget. Of course they are – there are two seats open in the upcoming election, and neither party wants to be seen raising taxes this year.

According to freeholders Tom Sheppard and Bill Whelan, the budget remains unchanged from the version introduced late last month, meaning that it still calls for using $7.5 million in surplus funds in order to keep the county tax levy level with previous years.

Whelan and Musso are still whining that they are not allowed to raise taxes on residents because if they don’t now, they will have to do it later. The Republicans got what they wanted, which is a one time hit from the sale of the Manor.

The Manor is a sore subject with many people who have had their lives severely disrupted. I know an employee of eighteen years who was told that she will be treated as a new hire. They took away her health insurance, and she lost all sick time and vacation time. She would have certainly sat at the table for negotiations, understanding that especially for county workers, these give-aways are completely skewed.

Not one Freeholder has advocated that renegotiation of contracts for ALL county employees is in order. Instead, the Republicans have appointed cronies and family members to posts where they enjoy pelntiful perks such as paid vacation time and county subsidized health insurance while blindly turning away and failing to address broken promises by scumbag organizations that jumped in to take over the manor.

The Manor was the only revenue producing entity in the county. It was a profitable venture until the Lou Magazzu regime plundered It was on its wand played back room politics, and used it as yet another avenue to reward cronyism. The Manor was on the road to profitability after changes were made, and proper management was instituted. It seems that political agendas won the day, and the many loyal employees that have had their lives turned upside-down are nothing more than collateral damage for a political ideology.


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