Cumberland invests in education

This is an old bit of news, but it is important. I am working 6 days a week, long hours, oppressive heat and all that BS. At the end of the day all I want to do is pull off my work boots, peel off my socks, and down an ice cold brew. Hence, updates to the Watch have been, and will continue to be, sporadic. Sunday is my day off, and I will use it to play catch-up with any of the week’s events.

In this case, it was several weeks ago…

Officials are preparing to issue $8.5 million in bonds to support construction and renovations at Cumberland County College.The county Board of Freeholders approved the necessary ordinance on a 7-0 vote at its meeting last week. The county has until June 30 to actually sell the bonds.

This is good. Larry O’Donnell raised the point that the county was not in the position to bond anything. However, if we wait until we are in the position to bond for education, we risk slipping deeper into a beak pit. Education is something we should be doing our utmost to improve.

I recently posted that once again Cumberland County tops the wrong lists. The only way we will ever make progress is by investing in education. This is not to say that we should throw money away thinking we will solve any problems. However is would be irresponsible to hold off on spending money on necessary upgrades and maintenance out of a misplaced frugality.  Bill Whelan was on the money:

Freeholder William Whelan said institutions can’t ignore capital improvements without facing consequences. “Your house needs a roof and you don’t replace it, then you lose your house,” he said.

If the county doesn’t spend the money now, it will end up having to spend a lot more down the road.

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