Ten Percent Interest

Today is Sunday, my one day off. I suppose I should play catch-up on the Watch.

You ask what 10% Interest is? It is $100 on every thousand owed. On $8,110 – the interest would be $811. “What the hell are you talking about?”, you ask. Look at the thermometer to the right of this page. That is the current tally of my legal defense fund – the charges I racked up in the frivolous lawsuit I faced at the hands of Doug Long merely for exercising my 1st amendment rights. I won the case, and there was never any doubt from the beginning that I would be the victor.

I suppose an $8,000 legal bill is what winning is called…

The lawsuit, as most readers know, was a SLAPP suit, launched merely to cause financial distress for my role in ousting Lou Magazzu and ultimately giving the Republicans the majority in the county. This website is the sole reason they have the majority, a majority which in my opinion they have squandered. They have resorted to the self-same back-room politics that were rampant under Magazzu.

I find it amazing that the majority of contributors to my legal defense fund were Democrats, or Undeclared (but typically voting D). Only one Republican leader in the county stepped up to the plate and contributed. The party head made a ton of empty promises, and delivered on none of them. It is what it is.



2 Responses to Ten Percent Interest

  1. Calhoun says:

    When I was figuring out what to contribute to Carl’s legal defense fund, I made the conclusion that there had to be 16 right-minded people in the county who could give Carl $500 and thus wipe out this (in the big scheme of things) rather small amount of money.

    Boy was I wrong! I can’t believe there aren’t 16 people — Rs and Ds — who believe in good government enough to pony up $500 to help Carl out.

    In some ways the phonies that love this website and loved Lou’s demise, but didn’t give one red cent to Carl’s defense fund are worse than Lou himself. Martin Luther King Jr. once commented that he had less of an issue with the KKK than all those supporters who always said they were with him but were nowhere to be found when the going got rough.

  2. rabble says:

    It’s a shame. Really. The R’s should ask Poor Recca to contribute. He is after all the spiritual leader of the R’s and has much to thank Carl for. (even though he reportedly conspired with Lou to harm Carl but hey that was yesterdays news)

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